Officers halt attempt to pass pot into jail

Friday, May 27, 2016

A man allegedly attempted to pass marijuana through a broken window of Bedford County Jail before he was stopped by officers Wednesday night.

"I can't put it in the window because two cops are watching," Brian Keith March, 46, of Parker Road allegedly said on his cellphone, overheard by approaching officers David Curley and Jody Shelton.

The officers were outside Shelbyville police headquarters across the street when March arrived by cab carrying a Big League Chew bubble gum pack containing 1.6 grams of marijuana along with loose tobacco, Shelton said in his report.

Reaching out

Officers watched as March allegedly pulled the pack from his clothing and reached for the window before Curley yelled at him to stop.

March told officers he had been told to pick up the marijuana at a Shelbyville apartment complex and take it to the jail, but refused to say who he obtained it from or to who he was trying to pass it.

Investigators noticed March, who said he'd consumed a 40-ounce heer earlier and smelled of alcohol appeared to be intoxicated.

March was charged with introducing contraband into a penal institution, possession of a schedule VI drug, burglary and public intoxication. He was being held on $65,000 bond Thursday.

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