Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor, 6/16/16

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Voters: Think for yourselves

An open letter to the citizens of Shelbyville and Bedford County:

I have spent the last hour scrolling news and op-ed feeds and I am truly heartbroken to see that most of the articles are venomous posts of political rebuke of one political party/candidate or the other.

I was, for the majority of my life, a STAUNCH Republican. Now I am neither Republican or Democrat. My mind has always run at super-speed; thinking and rethinking, considering options, considering repercussions -- kind of like a game of chess. I prefer to think ahead rather than behind. I want to win. That is how I have lived my entire life.

About 10 years ago I decided that I needed to be a free-thinker. Neither party is always right or always wrong in their policies. There are good and bad ideas on both sides. There are some great ideas that are polar opposite of one another, yet, if rational people sat down to discuss their differences without the prejudice of representing one party or another, I am certain our government could do greater things for our country than any ever seen in our history.

I only ask you to PLEASE, think for yourself. Do not believe in a particular politician or party just because they represent who you think they are or what they tell you they stand for. They call them candidates for a reason. They are applying for a JOB. Look at their "resume." Examine their past and question them regarding their plans for the future. Don't accept catch phrases. If they tell you they will protect us from some evil in the world, or improve our financial structure ASK THEM HOW THEY WILL DO THAT. Pay attention when they answer and learn to recognize when they are serving you a glass of lemon juice instead of a glass of sweet tea.

Gerald Norman


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