Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor, Aug. 11

Thursday, August 11, 2016

We're the losers in upcoming election

To the editor:

I've finally had enough! Watching this so-called election mess, I hit the OFF button on the TV control. Sitting quietly on the sofa, I wondered, "What happened to this world and where is the common sense of humanity?"

Suddenly, I recall these song lyrics by a fabulous guitarist, Warren Haynes:

"If you can't find the light that guides you through a cloudy day.

When the stars ain't shining bright and it feels like you've lost your way!

When the candlelights of home burn so very far, far, away."

These lyrics could be somewhat the national anthem of the United States nowadays. The aforementioned song, of course, is "Soulshine." It certainly seems evident the "way" of the U.S. has been lost for the last 20-plus years.

With all the warmongering, corporate stealing, loss of human values and services for U.S. citizens, the big giveaway to the border skippers, the open invitation to Syrians and others to come here, certainly proves to me a "hungry politician" will go to any extreme to get elected.

Who's going to feed, house and provide medical services to these people?

Let's see now, I've described the Obama/Clinton proposals for us endangered middle class. Of course, you don't include the super rich with their goods made outside the U.S. I wonder how many rich offshore untaxable accounts these people have created for themselves with their cheap foreign labor.

Four to eight years of Obama's practices will most assuredly devastate this country and Hillary has openly boasted the continuation of his "legacy" if she was elected!

There's not really not much of anything I can say about that other candidate vying for the White House. His best quality is finding an alibi for something stupid he said the day before!

In our case, a handful of "schnooks" or politicians make all of our decisions, so look where we workers are today! On the bottom.

The only losers in this election are us, the U.S. citizens.

J. Augustus Woodward


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