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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 6

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Promise unfulfilled

To the editor:

Senator Jim Tracy made a promise to me and another Moore County resident a few years ago. He promised to sponsor enabling legislation in the state Senate that would allow voters in Moore County to decide by Referendum whether or not to impose a small Barrel Tax on the Jack Daniel Distillery provided the request came from the Metro Council. This promise was sealed with a handshake. In April 2011 the Metro Council approved the Request.

Senator Tracy never put forth the legislation he had promised. Some thought the proposed Barrel Tax might be unconditional, so an opinion was requested from Tennessee's Attorney General. The AG ruled it was constitutional and found the Tax to be justified.

Immediately after the AG's opinion Tracy did not advise Moore County Council Chairman, but instead, high tailed it to Lynchburg to advise Jack Daniel management. Mr. Tracy never made any explanation to the Moore County Council or anyone in Moore County of why he never put forth the legislation. He just laid low as our State Representative lobbied the Moore County Council to rescind their request. The Council initially rejected a motion to rescind at their September meeting. The lobbying continued and the Council rescinded the request at the October meeting.

Moore County now has a major budget shortfall that might not exist had Senator Tracy kept his promise. He basically said to Moore County citizens, "You won't get a chance to decide, I have decided for you."

A promise with a handshake means something to most Tennesseans.

District 14 voters need a Senator who represents the people, not a Jack Daniel Lobbyist. Voters now have the opportunity to decide Yes or No on Mr. Tracy's re-election. There is an alternative candidate on the ballot. Gayle Jordan.

Charles J. Rogers


Two poor choices

To the editor:

In my opinion, the "greatest fear" the United States has today is "itself'!" No longer can this country control the conduct of any race, both legal or illegal. It seems almost everything of value has been lost for quite some time now.

If you watch national news channels or informative programming lately, it seems we've become a very problemed country with little end in sight.

After seeing the mass pull-out in Obamacare by the insurance companies, it's certainly produced lots of doubt for the middle class to have decent, affordable insurance again.

One long-established insurer lost mega billions in this hocus-pocus idea of Obama.

The country simply cannot stand four to eight more years of his big "Chicago ideas," and Hillary has constantly vowed to carry on where he's left off.

On the other hand we absolutely cannot afford that other person either.

Watching the looney antics of Trump gives us citizens nothing to look forward to.

What this country actually needs is super-control over rich conglomerates' skyrocking prices over every item we must have for survival, well-being, and a decent way of life.

The big-time members of Congress are simply not concerned about anything or anyone but their party.

Ever since this country was founded, politicians have promised the world, but given little to nothing!

During all this stupid hoopla called an election, I'm constantly reminded, "If you don't vote, you have no right to complain."

Well, the way I see it is, "If you have been taxed all your working adult, years, you have every right to complain especially for all the overtime you were paid while the U.S. Government ripped over half of that overtime out of your check!!" Is that justified??? The way I see it, "a vote is only worth anything and everything to a political party -- not you!"

Over the last 16 years of "electing someone to do our thing for us" we've approached the bottom of our middle-class lifestyle by give-away practices for illegals coming here while we pay 100 percent for food commodities, health care, dentistry, etc.

I'm so thrilled how these politicians of our country have always taken our welfare to heart.

I personally think this "capitalist" form of government should be overhauled for something better to vote for if it's not too late, but it probably is.

So, with all this said, here is your wonderful choice for a "new leader," Hillary Clinton (Tweedle dumb) or Donald Trump (Tweedle dumber).


J. Augustus Woodward


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