T-G prepares to 'Inspire' you with healthy information

Wednesday, November 30, 2016
This year's cover of Inspire Health magazine, which is being published by the Times-Gazette in late December.

Preparation is well underway for the second edition of Inspire Health magazine, a full color publication that falls within the Times-Gazette's family of media products.

The magazine, which premiers in the Thursday, Dec. 29 Times-Gazette, will feature content targeted toward the health-minded individual. Stories will provide inspiration in terms of one's emotional and physical health, just in time for the new year.

Readers will find stories that with current topics among families about nutrition, wellness, and parenting.

"This is a great read at an appropriate time of year," said editor Sadie Fowler. "The stories we've selected for this magazine come together to cover all the basics in the world of health and wellness. It's a nice change of pace because the content in Inspire features stories that are more topical and generic in nature rather than hyper-local subjects, which we cover in other magazines. Both have their place, and we believe Inspire, coupled with local advertising, has a nice spot within our umbrella of diverse publications."

Inspire Health will be inserted into the newspaper for all paid subscribers and single copy buyers of the Times-Gazette. In addition, the magazine will be available throughout Bedford County in racks and surrounding areas, and advertiser locations.

Also, the magazine will be available online as a flipbook at http://t-g.com.

As a sneak peek, Fowler shared some of the content titles selected for this year's Inspire Health. Among others, these include: Alternatives to sugar, pet care, home remedies for sick children, detoxing your body, changing your life with water, essential oils for the body, the latest trends in sculpting your body, and even something about many people's favorite indulgence ... chocolate.

"Inspire Health is the ideal reading material for waiting rooms and business lobbies" said publisher Hugh Jones. "The articles are perfect for the holiday season and leading into a new year with health, wellness and fitness ideas,"

Those interested in advertising their businesses will have the added perk of linking their ad in the magazine to their own websites and/or Facebook pages.

Advertising manager Sissy Smith emphasized her goal is for the magazine to be targeted toward women, who make the majority of household buying decisions.

"Women (and men will learn a lot, too) will want to read this product and thus your business will be seen by many eyes within the pages of Inspire Health," said Sissy Smith, advertising manager.

To reserve your ad space, contact the Times-Gazette advertising department no later than Dec. 7 at 684-1200.