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Letter to the Editor, Dec. 15

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Writer doesn't like trade agreement

To the Editor:

In response to Mr. Davis' letter to the editor pertaining to the election outcome, I felt the need to respond with my take on this fiasco most everyone called an election.

In my 74 years of life, I've never witnessed so much lying, stupid rhetoric and hungering want of being president in this country!

I still don't understand why any sane individual would want this loser job of trying to unravel many years of abuse towards this country by these previous miraculous promisers.

This country has always been governed by one of two parties, thus U.S. citizens lay claim to being a Democrat or Republican.

Mind you, this so-called election is not over yet, for the latest is, "Russia is responsible for the election of Trump," notwithstanding a recount of votes for the Democrats.

It is true times were great under Bill Clinton, but in my opinion, 85 percent of this was actually due to consumer confidence. I would never excuse Bill for signing the NAFTA agreement with Mexico and Canada, thus promoting jobs leaving the U.S. for cheap labor, thus activating the loss of many U.S. jobs. It's still going on.

If a stiff tariff was levied on goods coming back into this country, it may have slowed this bright idea, but why throw the dog out the door now, after it's soiled the carpet?

Over the years, U.S. citizens have totally accepted this devastating move by a U.S. president.

By the way, my off-color language gets worse with every passing year due to this foreign-made junk we are forced to purchase and accept. The only ones who profit are lobbyists, the U.S. conglomerates and foreign countries.

Being this practice of our U.S. jobs being given away has been in effect for many years, the U.S. citizen, I suppose, will accept anything, even the recent ridiculous 0.3 percent cost of living raise notification we received on our Social Security! I wonder if Mrs. Hillary had a hand in this stupid idea, and Mr. Trump, well he most likely doesn't know about it...yet.

Due to the coldness outside, it's getting somewhat uncomfortable here at my desk, so I'm going to pour myself another spot of coffee in my Chinese mug, then slip on my Nunn-Bush loafers, made in Vietnam, and turn up the heat.

J. Augustus Woodward


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