Suspect drives off with parts of a car

Thursday, December 15, 2016

An automobile dealership employee reported to Shelbyville police Tuesday that a suspect drove off from the lot with parts of a car.

An employee at Fast Track Auto Sales on Madison Street told police he left work to run an errand around 4 p.m. Upon returning, he said he saw a white male inside a vehicle in the parking lot. The police report states the employee confronted the driver when he noticed him taking parts off a vehicle. The employee reports a driver side door and factory radio were stolen.

The suspect drove away in a black Mazda RX8, headed outbound on East Lane Street.


On Tuesday a resident of Olive Grove Apartments complained of vandalism.

The resident told the responding officer that someone had tried to gain entry to his apartment sometime in the past three days. He noticed the door rubber was messed up and the wood was cracked where the door latches.

The officer reports it appeared someone had tried to pry the door open.

Unauthorized withdrawal

A customer of Peoples Bank of Shelbyville noticed six unauthorized withdrawals from a credit card account while checking his statements, according to a police report.

The bank told the customer he would have to file a fraud alert with the Shelbyville Police Department for them to refund the money.

Domestic assault

Patrolman Russ Grubbs responded to King Arthur Trailer Park Tuesday afternoon on a report of a domestic assault that allegedly happened about 1 a.m.

The complainant said her roommate, Jessica Pearson, picked her up and squeezed her so hard it left bruises on her bicep. She also said Pearson grabbed her right wrist and left bruises.

Grubbs contacted Pearson at a different location. She told the officer the reason she grabbed the complainant's arms was that the complainant woke her up, wanting drugs. She said she asked the complainant numerous times to leave her bedroom. Pearson said that when the complainant would not leave her room, she grabbed her and pushed her out of her bedroom. Pearson said she left for the night because the complainant kicked her out.

Grubbs writes in his report that he arrested Pearson and charged her with domestic assault.

Jail intake

The following were charged since Tuesday by the Bedford County Sheriff's Office, Shelbyville Police Department, Tennessee Highway Patrol or 17th Judicial District Drug Task Force. They are only charged; guilt or innocence will be determined by the courts.

* Letitia Lee Appleton, 47, Madison Street; domestic assault-simple, held, $2,500 bond

* William Daniel Appleton, 57, Madison Street; domestic assault-simple, held, $2,500 bond

* Jessica Aline Bridges, 29, Ridgeway Avenue; violation of probation, released, $2,500 bond

* Paul Moses Clark, 26, Castle Street; promotion of meth manufacture, initiation of a process resulting in meth, held, $15,000 bond

* Nicole Arin Clemmons, 20, Castle; initiation of a process resulting in meth, held, $10,000 bond

* Ashley Dawn Currier, 32, North Jefferson; hold for extradition for another state, released, no bond

* Timothy Scott Davis, 49, Big Springs Road, Bell Buckle; false imprisonment, released, $2,500 bond

* Colton Brandon Douglas, 25, Castle Street; initiation of a process resulting in meth, held, $10,000 bond

* Susan Rae Haradon, 45, Flintville; criminal impersonation, fourth charge driving on revoked license, violation registration law, light law, financial responsibility, driver to exercise due care, and failure to yield right of way, held, $4,500 bond

* Wendell Lee Moulder, 53, Broom Sage Circle; 48 hours DUI, to serve time-General Sessions Court, held, no bond

* Trevor Shane Nicholson, 26, La Vergne; violation of probation, held, $3,000 bond

* Jessica Katherine Pearson, 34, King Arthur; domestic assault-simple, released, $2,500 bond

* Jennifer Sue Philpot, 43, Old Columbia Road, Unionville; resisting arrest by officer, filing false report, released, $5,000 bond

* Alexis Sanders, 18, Fairground Heights; failure to appear, released, $2,500 bond

* Savannah Charlamai Schultz, 32, Madison Street; initiation of a process resulting in meth, held, $10,000 bond

* Dennis Keith Stargen, 56, Anna Lane; driving on suspended license, failure to appear, and speeding, released, no bond