Healthy reading to inspire wellness

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The new issue of Inspire Health magazine, packed full of useful tips for improving your health and well-being, will be included in the Times-Gazette's Thursday, Dec. 29, print edition.

Some of the topics in this year's edition include:

* "Healthy Voyager" Carolyn Scott-Hamilton on inspiring good health one step at a time;

* Six moves to release stress naturally;

* The 30-day "Eat by Color" challenge;

* Argan oil: Your next beauty essential;

* How changing your water can change your life;

* The beauty of turmeric;

* Health benefits of chocolate, and how to enjoy them; and

* How to shift your body into detox mode.

There are also recipes and other short features related to various health topics.

In addition to being included with Thursday's Times-Gazette, the magazine will also be available soon at various rack and advertiser locations in and around Shelbyville, and online at