You can score big in football contest

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Know your Super Bowl trivia?

If you do, there may be a "cool" prize in your future: A Orca cooler valued at $200 from Electronic Express.

It's the first prize in the Times-Gazette's Big Game Trivia contest.

You'll also be playing for chances at a $40 Toots gift certificate; an order for two large, two-topping pizzas, bread sticks and a two-liter Coca-Cola from Domino's Pizza; or two large, up-to-five-topping pizzas, cheese sticks and a double chocolate chip brownie from Papa John's.

Be ready to answer six questions about the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots, this year's Super Bowl contenders. Look in Wednesday's Times-Gazette for an entry form which must be returned to the Times-Gazette office, 323 E. Depot St. -- or enter online at Look for the Big Game Trivia button.

Winners will be drawn from all correct entries.