Meet the new

Tuesday, January 31, 2017
(T-G Photo by Jason Reynolds)

Monday morning, visitors to the Times-Gazette website,, may have noticed a few changes.

The website now has a new design, which we hope is more attractive and useful for readers on any web platform.

The website's old "mobile version," which forced users to choose between a limited, mobile-only front page or trying to navigate a full-width webpage on their small screen, has gone away.

Responsive design

The new site features responsive website design, meaning the same content is available on any platform, from smartphones to giant desktop monitors. The content resizes and slightly rearranges itself to fit the appropriate size screen.

The new web design puts more content on the front page. Scroll down and you can see things like obituaries or the most-recently-added classified ads.

We also have new storytelling tools such as the ability to map out an address mentioned in a news story.

The new design went live at midmorning Monday.

All in place

"We've been anticipating this change for some time," said city editor John I. Carney. "We're delighted to finally have all the pieces in place, and hope our readers find it easier to discover and enjoy our content online."

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