United Way: Agency will swap offices with First Community Mortgage

Tuesday, January 31, 2017
Scott Cocanougher and Pam Fisher stand in the First Community Mortgage space that will become United Way of Bedford County’s new home in an office swap.
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United Way of Bedford County asks that you pardon their dust as they begin moving to a new home.

The new home is not too distant from their existing location at 605 Delray St. Actually, the new office will be right next door in what is currently First Community Mortgage, next to First Community Bank. The company and charitable organization are swapping office space, United Way director Pam Fisher said. United Way’s old building will be remodeled to suit First Community Mortgage’s needs, while the mortgage office will receive what she said will be light work.

First Community Bank, the parent of First Community Mortgage, has long supported United Way in a variety of efforts, including providing the charity with the free use of the 605 Delray St. office space, said bank CEO Scott Cocanougher.

United Way has been in the current office about two years, Fisher said.

Helping United Way helps the bank give to the organization’s 21 partner agencies and thus reach more of the community, Cocanougher said.

“That’s touching that many more people,” he said.

Kayla Warren of FCB is coming into United Way as a board director, taking over that role from the bank’s Andrea Sublett, who served for six years.

First Community is in the process of bidding out the remodel work, Cocanougher said. He estimated the work could begin in middle or late February and be completed in May, if the weather cooperates for the outside portion of the renovation.

The work will happen in stages, Fisher said, and she recommends calling the office at 931-684-6685 before coming over due to the construction. However, United Way will still be accessible.

First Community Mortgage has approximately a dozen staff and could possibly add several, he said. The company has been growing due to its quality service as well as the strong real estate market, he said.

The two office buildings are actually about the same size — approximately 15,000 square feet — but FCM’s existing space is not laid out in an efficient way for the staff, Cocanougher said.

In addition to United Way, Fisher said, three other offices that share the space will move: therapist Jan Lamb, Homes of Hope of Bedford County and Shelbyville-Bedford County Humane Association.

“We appreciate the opportunity to be in that building,” Fisher said.

Through efforts like the Day of Caring, First Community employees volunteered more than 3,000 hours of service last year, said Rebecca Jones, FCB executive vice president.

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