Letter to the Editor

Curve is dangerous and needs repair

Sunday, March 5, 2017

To the Editor:

I would like the Bedford County public to know of a road problem I have had for several years. The road is Kingdom Road, off Highway 231 South. The problem I have is around a curve at 1780 Kingdom Road, my rental property. It is the sharpest curve on this road.

The problem is people cutting the curve too short, going off the road, cutting ruts in the bank next to my wood fence. The curve is not ditched. Road Superintendent Stanley Smotherman said Bedford County did not have money to fix the problem and he would not put a guard rail there. The road is banked too high on one side.

Mr. Smotherman said I was griping all the time about the curve and he would not do anything about it. It keeps getting worse. My commissioners would not help solve the problem either. If I had a million dollars to give the county, or political clout, something would be done about the problem.

I was told when part of Kingdom Road was repaved, the state paid for 75 percent of the cost. A suggestion to fix the problem: high tension cable. I would keep it clean, as I do with my fences and banks at the front of my properties. The curve is too sharp. There have been cars go through my fence and my neighbor's fence.

Mr. Smotherman thinks it is funny I am griping all the time about this curve. I have the right to be concerned about fixing the problem. I pay taxes on these properties; I deserve the problem fixed. I think the public will agree with me.

Wayne A. Watson

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