Marsh enjoys good seats for Trump speech

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in.

— Andrew Jackson

The highlight of my week was getting to see President Trump Wednesday in Nashville. The Speaker of the House, Beth Harwell, made arrangements for all House members to have an upfront seat at the President’s speech at the Hermitage. I got to see President Trump make a great speech about President Andrew Jackson on his 250th birthday. President Trump pointed out many similarities with his ideas and actions of President Jackson. We waited two hours in the cold outside the Hermitage for a 15-minute speech.

I had another busy week with a lot of visitors from the district. I also presented five bills in the committee system. I have several bills that have made it through committees and I will begin to hear these on the Floor starting next week. There is already talk around the halls for bills to be placed on the final calendars. That means that things will really heat up and adjournment is just around the corner.

We had Ag Day on the Hill on Tuesday. The halls were full of agriculture booths. There were even cows, sheep, and horses just outside the doors. I got to see Dr. Warren Gill from Middle Tennessee State University and the University of Tennessee. We had a wonderful Tennessee Cattlemen’s Association meal and I was served ice cream by Dr. Margie Carter from the Fayetteville Animal Clinic. Ag Day is always a very special day.

On Wednesday morning, I had three EMS employees stop by my office to talk. Brett Young and Ted Cox were here from Bedford County and John Fitzsimmons was here from Lincoln County. They were here to talk about three bills that they are promoting that would help their profession.

I also got to visit with 4-H representative Kendall Martin from Petersburg. Gina Warren from Fayetteville Public Utilities came by with students Tate Stevenson and Mary Lynn Byrom. Connie Potts from Duck River Electric also brought some students by for a visit. They were all here for the Tennessee Electric Youth Town Hall meetings.

I was walking into our House session this week and ran into Donnie Ogle and Tori Young standing at the door. They are county commissioners from Lincoln County up here for their county commission association annual meeting. I also got to see Mayor Bill Newman and several of the Lincoln County government officials.

The Governor’s gas tax bill, also known as the IMPROVE Act, moved a step closer to approval in the Senate committee this week. The amended proposal lowers the gas and diesel tax increase a little and ups the tax reduction on groceries. The proposal has not been approved by the House Transportation Committee yet. It will be heard Wednesday of next week and then maybe we can pass something that helps our roads and congestion.

Two great bills passed the House on Thursday. My officemate, Rep. Art Swann, passed a bill that addresses car warranty scams. If you’re like me, not long after you buy a car, you start getting misleading ads with false claims about your car’s warranty in the mail. They are created to look like they are from your dealer or the car manufacturer, but they are really from an unrelated party. This bill makes such deceptive practices a violation of the Consumer Protection Act.

The other bill was passed by Representative Micah VanHuss. It addresses election fraud. If someone is found guilty of election fraud, in addition to any other punishment that may be imposed for the offense, they are now fined $1,000. Furthermore, a person who reports fraud is eligible for a $1,000 reward if their report leads to a conviction.

Things are really starting to move forward around here, so if you are at the Capitol or have a concern or question on a bill, please feel free to stop by my office at War Memorial Building G-19A or give me a call. You can reach me at 615-741-6824 or by email at

— State Rep. Pat Marsh represents the 62nd House District, made up of Bedford and part of Lincoln counties.