Taser talks loudly to aggressive suspect

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

One taser jolt stopped a suspect who allegedly refused to show his hands to police Friday.

John Eric Oglesby, 29, of Meadow Drive "raised his hands to his chest in an aggressive manner" and was taken to the ground by officers Chris Vest and Jody Shelton, who were investigating a disturbance call. Oglesby allegedly kept his hands under him until the 5-second jolt from Shelton's taser.

Charges of aggravated domestic assault and public intoxication were filed against Oglesby, who posted $8,000 bond.

Thundering sound

"Thunder" turned out to be the engine of a zero-turn mower being stolen from a Madison Street business.

The Bad Boy MZ Magnum mower was stolen from Molder's Outdoor Power overnight Thursday, police were told.

An all-night employee of an adjoining business told police she later realized the "thunder" was actually the mower's engine as it was being driven through a hole cut in a chain-link fence. No storms were in the area at the time.

Tire tracks show the mower was apparently ridden to a nearby parking lot and loaded onto a trailer, police said.

Beer not near

Anger over not being able to find beer for sale near his home led a man to break the windshield of a car with his fists, then allegedly grab the steering wheel and steer it into oncoming traffic around midnight Saturday, police said.

Timothy Marion Williamson, 46, of Railroad Avenue, who police say was intoxicated, allegedly asked his girlfriend to drive him to a store for more beer, She initially refused because she'd been drinking, but drove to a nearby store that had closed for the night. That set off a rampage that ended when the girifriend stopped at a nearby open business and asked a clerk to call police.

Williamson, who had just been released from jail on a domestic assault charge, picked up a new one along with charges of vandalism and public intoxication. He was being held on $2,500 bond Monday.

Wanted: Rehab

A traffic stop may result in rehab for an admitted drug addict.

Following her arrest Thursday on drug charges, Amanda Griffin of Shelbyville told deputy Ramon Castillo of the Bedford County Sheriff's Office she is an addict and wanted to go to rebab. Several unprescribed morphine sulfate pills were found in her vehicle. Castillo's report said, along with alprazolam pills and a spoon containing drug residue.

Griffin was stopped on Lane Parkway for driving violations and windows tinted too darkly, the report said, She was charged with possession of schedule II and IV drugs and paraphernalia, driving on a revoked license and window tint violation.

Couldn't hide

Hiding didn't work for Savannah Storme DaCosta as she was arrested on a marijuana charge Thursday afternoon.

DaCosta allegedly hid in a bathroom shower of her Wesley Street home as deputy Steve Mills arrived with a warrant for failure to appear.

Additional officers were called to search nearby H.V. Griffin Park before she was found. Mills said the home smelled of marijuana and he fosund pipes, a grinder, scales and a bong in her bedroom.

New charges of simple possession of a schedule VI drug and paraphernalia were filed, the report said.

Pot, but no home

A man who said he had recently become homeless was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia after admitting he'd been smoking pot early Monday.

James Holloway allegedly smelled of marijuana as police questioned a friend and him at Fisherman's Park around 3:40 a.m. Officer Nathaniel Everhart said in his report he noticed a marijuana pipe in Holloway's vehicle.

Pills stolen

A container of approximately 90 oxycodone pills was stolen from a Hickory Haven Lane home, a BCSO report said. A suspect was named.

Right number, wrong attitude

Three calls to 911 within a short time by a man described by investigators as "belligerent and intoxicated" led to his arrest Friday night.

Dustin Parker Ray, 38, of Mankin Road was bleeding after an altercation with a neighbor, the BCSD said. He was charged with misuse of 911 and public intoxication and was held on $750 bond Monday.

Clothes, money taken

A Tremont Drive resident told police his clothes, including a wallet containing $120, were stolen as he took a bath Friday night.


Two women were charged with shoplifting "small items" from Dollar General, 1023 Madison St., Saturday morning, police said.

Kristin Nichole Boyce, 24, of Hickory Hill Road and Christina Yvonne Reccord, 41, of Smith Road were seen taking the items by an employee, Reccord was also charged with criminal impersonation for allegedly giving a false name to police. Reccord posted $3,000 bond and Boyce $1,000 bond.

Plate stolen

The license plate was stolen from a vehicle Thursday night outside a Neeley Avenue apartment, police said.

Rocky road

Nine boxes of Cedar Creek flat rocks -- used to line fireplaces -- were found lying in the roadway at the Depot Street-Thompson Street intersection at midday Friday, police said.

Jail intake

The following were arrested since Thursday bu the Bedford County Sheriff's Office, Shelbyville Police Department, Tennessee Highway Patrol or 17th Judicial District Drug Task Force, They are only charged; guilt or innocence will be determined by the courts.

• Mawlio Ali Ahmed, 25, Antioch; improper passing of vehicle, following too closely, reckless/careless driving; summons delivered

• Kalvin Eugene Bailey, 51, King Arthur Court; aggravated domestic assault; held, $20,000 bond

• Angela Rae Barrett, 43, Clem Creek Road; violation of probation, aggravated domestic assault; held, $30,000 bond

• Kristin Nichole Boyce, 24, Hickory Hill Road; theft of property; released, $1,000 bond

• Amy Shantel Buckingham, 35, Tullahoma; no driver's license/exhibited on demand; released on recognizance

• Teresa Beth Burns, 38, Mt. Herman Road; public intoxication; released, $500 bond

• Lorena Flores Ceniceros, 22, Morrison; domestic assault; released, $2,500 bond

• Tevin Darryl Dewees, 24, Saddlewood Drive; driving on suspended license, speeding; released, $250 bond

• Joshua Nichols Ensey, 18, Coopertown Road; DUI; released, $500 bond

• Donnie Joshua Farrar, 29, Woodbury Street; domestic assault; held, $250 bond

• Charles Edward Green, 46, South Thompson Street; violation of bond condition; released on recognizance

• Scott Ray Haynes, 46, Hobson Avenue; public intoxication; released, $500 bond

• Christy Louise Henley, 52, Myers Street; public intoxication; released, $500 bond

• Dustin Lee Hopper, 25, Hendon Memorial Road; no driver's license/exhibited on demand, light law, financial responsibility; released, no bond

• Christina Dawn Lafferty, 38, T.E. Adams Road; DUI, simple possession; released, $2,500 bond

• Samuel Glen McCurry, 27, Center Street; light law, driving on suspended license; released on recognizance

• Kathy Marie McGee, 54, Quarry Street; public intoxication; released, $500 bond

• Jeffrey Allen Newland, 45, T.E. Adams Road; DUI by allowance; released, $500 bond

• John Eric Oglesby, 29, Meadow Drive; aggravated domestic assault, public intoxication; released, $8,000 bond

• Jason Alex Parker, 37, Dover Street; DUI (fourth offense), driving on suspended license (third offense), implied consent; released, $9,000 bond

• Fred Wayne Putt Jr., 51, Warners Bridge Road; aggravated domestic assault; released, $5,000 bond

• Dustin Parker Ray, 38, Mankin Road; public intoxication, misuse of 911; held, $750 bond

• Christina Yvonne Reccord, 41, Smith Road; shoplifting, criminal impersonation; released, $3,000 bond

• Damon James Reynolds, 37, Lyles; simple possession of schedule I drug, simple possession of schedule VI drug, possession of drug paraphernalia; held, $3,500 bond

• Jamison Marcelus Rippy, 32, East Depot Street; public intoxication, disorderly conduct, violation of probation, failure to appear; released, $1,000 bond

• Jesus Ezekiel Sebastian, 27, Rockwood Drive; failure to appear, capias; released on recognizance

• Deanna Kay Sudberry, 45, Highway 82 South; DUI (second offense); released, $1,500 bond

• Gary Lee West, 59, Fairfield Pike; public intoxication; released, $250 bond

• Donovan Luke Williams, 21, Clem Creek Road; DUI, reckless endangerment, vehicular assault, leaving scene of accident; released, $16,000 bond

• Timothy Marion Williamson, 46, Railroad Avenue; domestic assault, vandalism, public intoxication; held, $2,500 bond

• Vancausha Venee Woodard, 28, Tullahoma; failure to appear; held, no bond

• Tasha Nicole Woods, 36, Ray Street; shoplifting; released on recognizance

• Misty Dawn York, 34, East Depot Street; possession of drug paraphernalia, unlawful possession of a weapon; released, $2,000 bond