PRETTY PETS: Pete's colorful plumage brightens owner's world

Thursday, April 20, 2017
Pete is a Golden Red Pheasant.
Submitted photo

Pretty Pets is a feature in which we highlight the owners of unusual pets or livestock. The T-G welcomes your suggestions for such animals to be featured. Email them to

Today's Pretty Pet is a Golden Red Pheasant owned by Beverly Fears.

T-G: Pet's name and breed?

Fears: Pete. Golden Red Pheasant.

T-G: How long have you had the pet, and how old is it?

Fears: I have had it since he was 3 months old and now he is 4 years old.

'Unique' pet

T-G: Why did you pick this type of pet?

Fears: He is very unique with his color.

T-G: Do you have other pets, and does this pet get along with them?

Fears: I keep him with female pheasants and not other males of his species.

T-G: Did you ever think you would have this type of pet?

Fears: No, I did not.

Knows name

T-G: What are some funny/quirky things about the pet?

Fears: I named him Pete, pronounced Pete-E. When you say his name to him he will make a low sounding tweet back to you each time you address him ...

T-G: How does this pet enrich your life?

Fears: He is a very sweet fellow and doesn't make a lot of noise or make a large mess.

T-G: What are some things you do with your pet? (showing, tricks, cuddling etc.)

Fears: He doesn't know any tricks, just making his food disappear.

Color change

T-G: What other interesting thing can you tell about your pet?

Fears: The Golden Red Pheasants are originally from the mountains of Western and Central China. The females are brown and do not change colors.

The males start out brown when they are young and by the age of 2 they will be full color; they begin to change color around the age of 12 months to 18 months.