Coffee and cake stores opening for business

Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Jessica Hesson places her first order at Koffee Beanz Tuesday. Taking her order is Sarah Saddler.
T-G Photo by Terence Corrigan

SteBe Cakery and Koffee Beanz are two businesses that belong together: cake and coffee. They're also located in the same new building at the corner of Lane Parkway and Brittain Street.

Neither business is formally open but both were serving customers this week.

SteBe Cakery

Stebe Cakery owners, Steven and Beverly Gall and son-in-law Brian Dickey pause for a photo Tuesday. Brian's wife, Donna, is also a co-owner.
T-G Photo by Terence Corrigan

Steven and Beverly Gall with their partners, daughter and son-in-law, Donna and Brian Dickey, are the owner-operators of SteBe Cakery. The Cakery has been selling samples of their sweet products for six months but their grand opening is set for May 22. They use GMO-free flour, organic butter and organic eggs. They also have some gluten-free goodies.

In their fudge display case they have a dozen varieties at a time of the 40 they will make. Steven said they moved to Shelbyville to retire but Beverly's love of baking and Steven's boredom with retirement carried the day and they decided to open the Cakery. It was a dream they'd talked about for six or seven years, Steven said. The Cakery's phone number is 931-684-8445.

Koffee Beanz

Right next door, Koffee Beanz is offering the full array of a modern coffee shop. "It's never too late to latte" is the store's motto. In the store at noon on Tuesday Shelbyville resident Jessica Hesson came in and ordered a French vanilla latte. It was her first time in Koffee Beanz.

Sarah Saddler took her order and store manager Bud Cartwright was moving about watching carefully to make sure everything went smoothly. Koffee Beanz is owned by Kasey Parsons. Cartwright said their grand opening date is still not set. Koffee Beanz' phone number (Cartwright's cell phone) is 931-205-7717.