Mommy & Me contest winners announced

Sunday, May 14, 2017
Amanda and Walker Manis

Every year the Times-Gazette invites sons and daughters to honor their moms in the Mommy and Me photo contest. This year just over 100 photos were entered. With all the wonderful entries we were challenged to pick three we thought were the best.

First place went to Amanda Manis, with her son Walker. We thought this photo captured with its compelling composition the essence of a mother’s love for her infant, with Amanda’s Mona Lisa smile and Walker’s look of absolute contentment as he rests his head against her face. In the entry, Amanda wrote, “My son Walker was born February 21, 2017. A new mother, I had no idea what to expect. That moment I first laid eyes on him I knew what everyone had been telling me, be prepared to love something more than you could ever imagine. How true that is.” Amanda wins a night at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and $100 cash to help make her evening a night to remember.

Kayla, Kaegan and Kaemey Young

Second place

Second place went to Kayla Young. Kayla’s smile is one of pure unrestrained joy as she closes her eyes and gets kisses from her daughters Kaegan and Kaemey. Kayla wrote, “So thankful for precious hugs and kisses from Kaegan and Kaerney. Thank you Lord for your amazing gifts of love.” Kayla wins a $100 gift card from Heritage Jewelers.

Brandi, Jansen and Dayton Dye

Third place

Third place goes to Brandi Dye and her sons Jansen and Dayton. Brandi wins a Domino’s Pizza party. “Nothing brings me more joy than being their mommy!” Brandi wrote.

Nothing brings us at the Times-Gazette more joy than seeing the many wonderful photos of local moms and their children. We wish all the moms and kids of Bedford County a happy Mothers Day.