Honor Dad in the Times-Gazette

Friday, May 26, 2017
T-G City Editor John I. Carney with his father, the Rev. Jack Carney, at the Celebration.
T-G File Photo by Jason Reynolds

The Times-Gazette is seeking photos and stories about fathers for publication in our annual Father's Day section on June 13. Please include first and last names for all of the people in the story or appearing in a photo, as well as information about the occasion if applicable.

Stories and photo captions should be written about your father, NOT in the form of messages to your father. We reserve the right to edit any submission for space, style and consistency with other entries.

Stories and photos may be e-mailed to tgnews@t-g.com with "Father's Day" in the subject line. The deadline for submission is June 9. E-mail submission is strongly preferred.

We will try to get as many of the entries as possible in the June 13 section, but depending on available space some may run on other days or in other sections.

My Father's Day story

My father, the Rev. Jack Carney, has always been an example to me -- his integrity, his focus and his compassion. I wasn't born a "preacher's kid." I saw my father make a commitment to the ministry.

I was 10 years old in 1972 when we moved to Bedford County so that he could become pastor at Wartrace and Normandy United Methodist churches. His commitment to the ministry cost him his full-time job with a manufacturer of electrical equipment.

Eventually, he went to college. He and I were in college at about the same time, but he got better grades -- and, unlike me, went on to get two master's degrees. He became a teacher and principal.

He retired from education. He's also retired, more than once, from preaching, but keeps getting called back into service.

Even when he's not working, he has to stay busy. He's a woodworker, a cook, a baker. He loves model railroading and used to build intricately-rigged model ships, which were once featured on the TV show "Tennessee Crossroads."

But he's never too busy for his family -- me and my siblings, nieces and nephews. He's eagerly anticipating the arrival of his first great-grandchild, a girl, later this year. He was a loving husband to my mother until her death from pancreatic cancer in 2010. He and his companion Rachel Arnold loved going to my oldest nephew's football games last year, when he was the starting quarterback for the University of North Alabama, which made it all the way to the championship game of Division II NCAA football.

Since Mom's passing, I think everyone in the family is more deliberate about saying "I love you" whenever we end a phone conversation or head home after a family gathering.

It's important to treasure those we love, and to remember those we've lost. That's what makes Father's Day, like Mother's Day, so important. We hope you'll share your own family memories with us for this annual Times-Gazette tradition.