Pills, damaged car lead to arrest

Friday, July 14, 2017

One DUI suspect probably did not get a kick out of his arrest, but he did try to kick out the patrol car window, police said.

Shelbyville Police responded to a house on Northwood Avenue early Thursday morning on a call of a loud noise and a vehicle sitting in the driveway with its lights on, a report stated.

Officers did not see anyone in the vehicle but noticed damage on the passenger side, including both tires being destroyed.

A woman came out of the house and asked what was going on. A man identified as Michael Haynes came outside, and as he spoke to one officer, the woman told police "he took my car, he doesn't have a driver's license."

Police tried to talk to Haynes, they report, but he was "under the influence of something, he could barely stand, he had very slurred speech, and he was very disoriented," the report said. He told police he drove the car. He was unable to perform a field sobriety test and was uncooperative, the report said.

The woman told officers Haynes is addicted to pills and several Lorazepam 1 mg pills were missing from her bottle. She said she had not given Haynes permission to drive her car.

During transport to jail, Haynes tried to kick the patrol car window, said police, who attached a leg hobble. During a search at jail, officers found 18 small round white pills which were identified as Lorazepam 1 mg.

An accident report was not filed because police could not find damage that was consistent with the damage to the vehicle. Haynes was charged with driving under the influence, joyriding, possession of a Schedule IV drug and introduction of contraband into a penal institution.

Jail intake

The following were charged since Wednesday by the Bedford County Sheriff's Office, Shelbyville Police Department, Tennessee Highway Patrol or 17th Judicial District Drug Task Force. They are only charged; guilt or innocence will be determined by the courts.

• Angela Rae Barrett, 43, Chapel Hill; bond surrender (2 counts), $30,000 bond, held

• Melinda Ann Bell, 43, U.S. Highway 231 N. (Joy Vail Farms); violation of no contact order, no bond listed, released

• Johnny Robert Bowen, 38, Minkslide Road; violation of probation, no bond listed, released

• Allan Blake Carlton, 23, Unionville; failure to appear, $1,000 bond, released

• Philip William Elgin Jr., 38, Lawrenceburg; failure to appear, theft of services/fraud, forgery, capias/failure to appear, forgery (three counts); $10,000 bond, held

• Stephanie Sherrell Harris, 32, Belmont Avenue; public intoxication, $500, released

• William Chadwick Henderson, 40, Cedar River Road; violation of bond condition, $2,500 bond, released

• Orville Octavious Layton, 50, Tullahoma; failure to appear, $2,500 bond, held

• Jessica Nichole Lentz, 34, Madison Street; habitual offender, revoked driver's license (fourth), move over law, no insurance; $14,000 bond, held

• Melissa June Ray, 37, Whitaker Road; bondsman surrender, registration violation/driving on revoked, failure to appear, violation check law/worthless checks, driving on revoked (second); $18,500 bond, held

• Derek Craig Reynolds, 37, Bird Street; bondsman surrender, $12,000 bond, held

• Marlon DeWayne Smith, 44, Gregory Mill Road; burglary-aggravated, theft over $1,000, theft under $500; $29,000 bond, held

• Jeffrey Allen Stokes, 28, Normandy; driving on revoked license (fifth), light law; $3,000 bond, released

• Ronald Douglas Yates, 49, Dunaway Road; shoplifting, forgery (four counts), theft of property; $8,500 bond, held