Club learns to 'live beyond'

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Shelbyville Woman's Club met on Wednesday, July 12, with Mary Jo Gunter Graham presenting the program, "Living Beyond What You Can Do." Graham is the author of "When He Sends Redbirds -- Walking Through Emotions As A Caregiver." She is also a painter, creating a series of works called "Hidden Crosses."

The idea for her book came from caring for her father while her mother was recovering from injuries. She noted the stress of being a caregiver and the feeling of isolation, thinking that no one else would feel the way she did. The biggest blessing from this book was the unexpected feedback from readers, taking some of that solitude away.

Graham said the people she meets come into her life for a reason and that she is "on assignment from God." Her paintings have brought her a new community, just as her first book did.

A new book, "Would You Be Willing," is in the works and nearly complete.

The meeting was chaired by President Sara Wood. Program Chair Geneva Melson introduced the speaker. Ann Spencer gave the devotional.

Decorations were provided by Vavial Jamison and place cards were created by Libby Davidson and Becky Cortner. Reservations were taken by Janie Burke. Hospitality was provided by Judy Hornaday and Carolyn Conner.

The club's next meeting of will be Aug. 9. Leta Russell Williams will present "Special Touches By Leta."

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