Mapping crime in Bedford County

Thursday, August 10, 2017

It's common wisdom that being informed about what's going on and using that knowledge to be prepared is an effective way to avoid becoming a crime victim.

For example, auto burglary is a fairly common crime. Quite frequently, these crimes will occur in groups, sometimes a half dozen or more incidents in one night or over the course of a week, often by two or three people working together. It is also quite common for these incidents to occur in a single neighborhood. Often, the burglars/thieves will hit vehicles that are left unlocked and, amazingly enough, they often are rewarded with valuable and easy to sell handguns or even cash. (Consistently locking your vehicle is one common sense way to protect yourself.)


Knowledge can also help to protect you. If you know people are burglarizing vehicles in your neighborhood you can protect your property by bringing valuables into your home at night. Knowing that there's a crime cluster going on your neighborhood might prompt you and your neighors to be a little more vigilant and notice who's out and about at night.

The Times-Gazette has started a new service on our website to help you be better informed about where in Bedford County property crimes are occurring. On our website we have a map where we are plotting the locations of recent property crimes including burglaries, auto break-ins and vandalism/property damage incidents. Each crime location is marked with a marker or pin and if you click on a marker it will give you the address and type of crime that occurred there. You'll find the map at

So far the plan is to cycle listings out after a month. Let us know if you like this service and we welcome ideas on how to improve it.