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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 8

Friday, September 8, 2017

Thanks for welcoming my sister

Dear Shelbyville,

I want to say thanks to all of you for making a couple of out-of-towners feel at home during last week's Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration. I had the unique perspective this year of bringing my sister, who has never attended The Celebration. When we arrived in town, she remarked on the friendliness of everyone and asked about the ribbons displayed on so many businesses. I was pleased to explain that they represent support for The Celebration and for the Tennessee Walking Horse breed. We then decided to make a game of supporting those businesses in return and even though we were only in town for a few days, we were able to stop and make purchases at quite a few.

It was wonderful to share with a newbie the courtesy and kindness of the people and businesses of Shelbyville, and the support you all show for our beloved Tennessee Walking Horse and the greatestest horse show in the world.

So thanks again, Shelbyville! Though my bank balance may take a while to recover, the warm welcome will be remembered long after. And don't worry if we missed you this trip, put out those ribbons and we'll see you next year!

Terri Bauer Studer

Liberty Township, Ohio

Intolerable jail conditions continue

To the editor:

My name is Ronald Ferrell and I'm currently in the Bedford County Jail. I'm writing to inform you of the conditions that myself and others are being housed in. I have a lung disease, COPD, and I'm surrounded by black mold. It's everywhere throughout this jail. Also, this jail is overcrowded to say the least. There are fire exits with padlocks on them and the key most likely can't be found.

Inmates are lying all over the floor and county inmates are being housed with state inmates. We are not issued proper clothing or hygiene kits.

Inmates are sleeping on half mats on the floor. The ceilings are falling and gnats and spiders are throughout the jail. In the food area there are cockroaches and rat droppings everywhere.

We are humans even though we broke the law. Here is a story if you want one. We need someone to help us, please. Animals at the shelter are better taken care of. Please help.

Ronald Ferrell

Bedford County Jail

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