Mayor honored -- because he knows where stuff is

Friday, November 3, 2017
Times-Gazette Editor Terence Corrigan congratulates Mayor Cartwright for his knowledge of where things are in Shelbyville.
T-G Photo by Jason Reynolds

In the Sept. 28 Times-Gazette, we published a photo and asked readers to identify it. It was a photo of a small portion of the front porch of the stone guest house on former Governor Prentice Cooper's estate. In the photo is a stone statue of a sight-hound with a fruit basket in his mouth. Next to the hound is a well-weathered rocking chair.

We promised that the first person to send us the correct location would be honored with a Times-Gazette Walk About Award. We thought, because the photo was cropped to show only a small portion of the location, that it would be difficult for people to identify it.

Quick responses

T-G readers were challenged to identify the location of this house on East Lane Street.
T-G Photo by Terence Corrigan

Well, we were wrong. The answers came in fast and furious. The first correct response was from Shelbyville Mayor Wallace Cartwright who emailed the answer within minutes after the day's paper hit the newsstands. Other correct answers quickly followed. Correct answers, in order of their arrival, came from Pat Deason, Jan Anthony, Van Ayers, James Blackmon, Fay Womble, Harold Segroves and Louise Jenkins.

Finally, after more than a month, we got an award made and presented it to the mayor on Nov. 2. The plaque reads: "Mayor Ewing Wallace Cartwright, 1st Ever Times-Gazette Walkabout Award. Because he knows where stuff is."