Armed man arrested after waistband move

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

A man carrying a loaded gun in his vehicle was arrested after allegedly making moves interpreted as threatening toward an officer Friday morning, Shelbyville police said.

Corey Carlos Garrett, 38, of Carney Street allegedly refused orders by officer Tory Moore to put up his arms as he was being frisked following a traffic accident at Evans and East Cedar streets.

"He began to reach into his waistband area and aggressively shifted his shoulders around and freed his right arm," Moore said in his report. Shelbyville firefighters/first responders Josh Wilson and Aldo Gonzalez, who had responded to the report of an accident, helped Moore and officer Jeff Goodrich handcuff Garrett.

A loaded .38 special revolver was found in the vehicle's floorboard, police said.

Garrett allegedly told officers he needed help for a crack cocaine addiction. He was charged with assault, resisting arrest, prohibited possession of a handgun, leaving the scene of an accident, driving on a suspended license, and violation of the financial responsibility law (no proof of insurance) and was being held on $130,000 bond Monday at Bedford County Jail.

Got away

Friday was wild at the Dollar General Store in Big Springs Shopping Center as police were called to the store three times in a four-hour period at midday Friday.

• A man accused of shoplifting a container of air freshener injured an assistant manager and led police on a high-speed chase, ultimately getting away.

"He begged the store personnel to let him go because he was homeless and was going to sell it for money," officer Bobby Peacock said in his report.

The man, described as a "slender black male," pushed the manager aside, bruising her neck, and sped away in a silver Dodge Stratus with an Alabama license plate, police said.

Peacock spotted the car on North Cannon Boulevard near the store. He gave pursuit out South Cannon Boulevard and Lewis Avenue, as the driver ran two traffic lights and reached speeds of 85-90 mph, before being told by a ranking officer to terminate the chase.

A bystander reported the car turned onto Highway 130 West.

• A shoplifting charge is pending on a woman accused of walking out of the store without paying.

She responded to a loss prevention officer's request to return the bag of clothing worth more than $50 by getting into another woman's Jeep Cherokee and driving away. The Cherokee owner declined to report it stolen, telling police she had been trying to help the accused shoplifter after finding her walking down the middle of a street high on drugs,

• Miranda Register was charged with shoplifting after she admitted hiding a pair of sweat pants from the store in her purse Friday, police said.

Scammer gets $8K

A Bedford County woman fell big-time for one of the hoaxes being spread around the world by scammers.

She transfered $8,000 in Best Buy gift cards to a caller to obtain the release of her grandson from jail, the Bedford County Sheriff's Office said. The grandson had not been arrested.

The victim refused a third demand and contacted authorities, said deputy Justin Gaines' report.

Many scammers call homes claiming a loved one has been arrested and needs bail money.

Fentanyl OD

An overdose of the opioid drug Fentanyl sent a Shelbyville man to a hospital Friday night, police said,

Wilborn Morton was found unconscious in his vehicle at his Lewis Avenue home. Officer Jerry Draine's report said Morton "was turning blue, had a fast pulse rate and was unresponsive."

An open bag of Fentanyl was found in Morton's lap, Draine said. Morton was taken to Tennova Healthcare-Shelbyville.

Draine found a small, unopened bag of crack cocaine in Morton's lap and a second bag was discovered by a nurse at the hospital in one of Morton's shoes. Morton will be charged with possession of a schedule II drug.

Stealing away

An employee of Riverview Market, South Cannon Boulevard, is accused of pocketing hundreds of dollars from the store.

The owner said the cash register has been short after each shift the woman worked. One surveillance video shows her putting money from the cash register into her pocket, with as much as $70 missing after one of her shifts, police said.

She has not been charged as of Monday,


• A bag containing cash and a checkbook was stolen from a vehicle between 3:30-4:15 p.m. Thursday at Goodwill, Big Springs Shopping Center., police said.

• A wallet was taken from a vehicle at Elite Physical Therapy, North Main Street, between 8-9 a.m. last Wednesday, police were told Friday,

Repeat attempt

A woman accused of shoplifting from the Shelbyville Kroger store on Oct. 29 and Nov. 8 struck again Friday, police were told.

This time Tina Marie Turner, 33, of Springdale Avenue allegedly attempted to leave without paying for a chicken, four sandwiches, two salads and other food items from the deli, the store's loss prevention officer told police.

An additional charge of shoplifting was filed as bond piled up to $2,000. She remained in jail Monday.

Ran and grabbed

Two men ran to a shopping cart and snatched a purse containing an iPhone 5 as a woman loaded purchases into her vehicle at Dollar General Market, North Main Street, on Friday afternoon.

She was unable to provide a description for either man.

Fake money

An attempt to purchase $8,000 in Vanilla Dot VISA cards with counterfeit money mostly failed Friday.

The suspect -- described as black, approximately 6-feet-2 with dreadlocks - attempted to buy the cards at Dollar General Store, Big Springs Shopping Center. The man was able to obtain $945 before the cash register "froze" and an assistant manager stopped the transaction process.

The two cards purchased were "flagged" and cannot be used.

Marijuana charges

• A small bag of marijuana and approximately 50 smoked marijuana cigarettes were found in the possession of a man checked for parking at a closed Depot Street business at 1 a.m. Saturday, police said.

Officer David Dye said he smelled marijuana and found the bag in the clothing of Tristan Shane Buchanan, 35, of Diane Drive. The cigarettes and a hydrocodone tablet were found in his vehicle's console, Dye's report said.

Buchanan was charged with possession of schedule VI and II drugs and posted $2,500 bond.

• One marijuana cigarette was found in a car at a Union Street convenience store early Sunday after police were told the driver was using drugs.

Keith Goodwin was charged with possession of a schedule VI drug and paraphernalia and cited into General Sessions court,

No game

A man who police say punched his wife in the face because she wanted to visit her parents instead of watch a football game Saturday night has been charged with domestic assault.

Dylan Jackson Reger, 25, of Barksdale Lane was being held on $5,000 bond Monday. His wife was treated at Tennova Healthcare-Shelbyville, with the police report mentioning a large knot on her head,

No charges have yet resulted from a fight outside a Madison Street lounge after a woman reported suffering a busted lip and possible broken wrist during a fight,


Vandalism was reported in two locations near H,V, Griffin Park over the weekend.

The rear window of a car was smashed at a Tulip Tree Road home between 9-10:30 p.m. Saturday, police said.

A marble was found near a broken window at a home on Sun Circle Sunday morning after a resident heard a noise at 12:15 a.m.

Jail intake

The following were charged since Thursday by the Shelbyville Police Department, Bedford County Sheriff's Office, Tennessee Highway Patrol or 17th Judicial District Drug Task Force. They were only charged; guilt or innocence will be determined by the courts.

• Jeffrey Allen Aldrich, 41, Moody Street; failure to appear, capias (two), bondsman surrender; held, $50,000 bond

• Chasity Dawn Amacher, 40, Smyrna; violation of probation; released, $1,000 bond

• Candice Michelle Beabers, 39, Decherd; held for extradition

• George Nathaniel J. Buchanan, 48, Graydon Street; DUI, speeding; released, $2,000 bond

• Tristan Shane Buchanan, 35, Diane Drive; possession of schedule II drug, possession of schedule IV drug; released, $2,500 bond

• Stephanie Michelle Clark, 36, Fayetteville; failure to appear; held, $5,000 bond

• Floyd Brice DuBois, 59, Columbia; capias, failure to appear; released, $3,500 bond

• Gary Michael Epperson, 51, Belmont Avenue; possession of schedule VI drug, firearm use in association with dangerous felony, possession of drug paraphernalia; released, $2,000 bond

• Kaitlyn Ryann Epperson, 29, Belmont Avenue; possession of schedule VI drug, possession of drug paraphernalia; released. $1,000 bond

• Jonathan Drake Ferguson, 21, West End Circle; no driver's license/exhibited on demand, no proof of insurance, light law; released on recognizance

• Rolando Pablo Morales Gabriel, 36, Fairfield Pike; public intoxication; released, $500 bond

• Corey Carlos Garrett, 38, Carney Street; driving on suspended license, prohibited handgun possession, leaving scene of accident, financial responsibility, resisting arrest, assault, capias; held, $130,000 bond

• Christine Guerrero, 48, Cedar Grove Street; light law, driving on revoked license; released, $2,500 bond

• Michelle Lee Hall, 42, Fairoak Street; violation of probation; released on recognizance

• Tiffanie June Holden, 27, Madison Street; driving on suspended license, no proof of insurance; released on recognizance

• Sarah Angelina Johnson, 28, Tanner Circle; violation of probation; held, $1,000 bond

• Khristopher Patrick Jones, 22, Whitaker Road; possession of schedule VI drug, possession of drug paraphernalia; released, $1,000 bond

• Joseph Donald King, 34, Lebanon; hindering secured creditor; held, $2,500 bond

• Andrew Anthony Leverette, 25, Old Pencil Mill Road; violation of probation; released on recognizance

• Maria Del Carmen Lopez, 50, Whiteside Street; failure to yield, driving on suspended license; released on recognizance

• Roberto Antonio Orellans, 21, East Lane Street; failure to appear (two counts), vandalism, burglary; held, $33,000 bond

• Napoleon Emmanuale Person, 28, Nashville; aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary, violation of probation; held, $200,000 bond

• Alfredo Mendez Puac, 38, Fairfield Pike; light law, no driver's license/exhibited on demand; held, $500 bond

• Dylan Jackson Reger, 25, Barksdale Lane; domestic assault; held, $5,000 bond

• Ashley Nichole Rosales, 30, Cedar River Road; violation of probation; released on recognizance

• T.J. Roosevelt Saunders, 19, Tullahoma; failure to appear; released, $3,000 bond

• Angela Marie Steiner, 41, Beech Grove; bondsman surrender, failure to appear, capias; held, $6,000 bond

• Kimberly Tamahine Sullivan, 52, Lewisburg; DUI; held, $1,500 bond

• John Tyler Thomas, 32, Highway 82 South; violation of order of protection; released, $2,500 bond

• Tina Marie Turner, 33, Springdale Avenue; shoplifting (two counts); held, $2,000 bond

• Sherika Pontia Whitfield, 37, Landers Street; domestic assault; held, $5,000 bond