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Letter to the Editor, Dec. 28

Thursday, December 28, 2017

ďAnd ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.Ē John 8:31 KJV

Mr. Corrigan,

I am rather shocked and upset that you would try to impugn my integrity and basically call me a liar in your opinion which was printed in the T-G on 12-26-17.

I did, in fact, do exactly as I said, and I have my phone records to prove it. (copy attached) I called Moore County Mayor, Sloan Stewart on Wed, Nov 15 @ 3:46 pm @ 931-759-7076 and talked for 7 minutes. Immediately after that call, I called Lincoln County Mayor, Bill Newman @ 931-433-4045 and was told he was out but they gave me his cell number which i called at 3:57 pm and spoke for 6 minutes. Both Mayors said they would not advocate filling Mr. Tracyís seat.

I called for the Rutherford County Mayor, Maurice Burgess at 4:05 @ 615-898-7745 and was told he was out and I left a message. He did not return my call before the Committee meeting of Nov 21. But, on Dec 20, 2017 at 9:48 am, as I was taking my wife to her doctorís appointment, I got a call from Mr. Burgess apologizing for just now returning my call from Nov. 15 and said he would not have recommended making an interim appointment. We spoke for 2 minutes in the presence of my wife, and I hope you donít intend to call her a liar as well. (I donít have this months phone bill yet, but attached is a screen shot of the incoming call).


No wonder people have such a dim view of the press and the obvious biased manner in which things are reported. You never contacted me to inquire about my part in any of this, you didnít mention it when we met on the sidewalk during the Wine Walk on the Square on the 8th of this month. Instead, you got all your exercise jumping to a conclusion, and insinuated that I lied about calling all the County Mayors, violated the sunshine law and improperly influenced other Commissioners. Your opinion is just more FAKE NEWS !!

Since I never spoke to you about this issue, I have to assume you never contacted the Commissioners who actually made the motion to postpone a vote or the motion to call the question. Isnít it interesting you didnít even mention the other Commissioners by name in your opinion, when they were the ones who moved to prevent any discussion or vote? Maybe its because they are not running for County Mayor.

I am neither a pessimist nor an optimist, I am a realist. I deal in facts, not innuendoes and speculations as you seem to prefer. I work hard to obtain facts before I make a decision and I openly post about those things on my website, ChuckHeflin.com (which you said in our brief encounter on the square, that you had visited). I extend to you the same invitation as I have given to every citizen Ö call or text me @ 931-703-3046, email me at cheflinjr@gmail.com, when you have questions about my actions or intentions.

I donít expect everyone one to agree with my positions, but I do expect them to be truthful.

Chuck Heflin


EDITOR'S NOTE: Chuck Heflin did attach a copy of a telephone bill to his letter, but the T-G will not publish it, as it contains people's cell phone numbers who may not wish to have them publicized. However, readers may go to Heflin's website, http://chuckheflin.com, to view the bill.


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