New resident promotes city's diversity

Wednesday, February 14, 2018
Marilyn Bloodworth

A newcomer to Shelbyville wants to motivate residents to promote tourism, business and activities for minority communities.

Marilyn Bloodworth recently moved here from Woodbury. The New York native said she wants to promote civic engagement in Shelbyville. Toward that end, she is hosting a meetup Saturday from 1-3 p.m. at the Shelbyville Recreation Center.

"There is an enormous potential growth market here that can celebrate various cultures and heritages, sharing its achievements and accomplishments having parades and celebrations that honor black history, Cinco de Mayo," she says in a flyer promoting her effort, which is called Community Changers of Shelbyville.

"Your ideas and suggestions will help us come together and bring about a community for our children as well as the citizens of Shelbyville."

Showcasing city's diversity

Creating events like jazz festivals or craft shows that display the city's diversity will promote tourism and in turn help businesses, Bloodworth said.

Bloodworth said she supports the idea of using business and community events to mentor youths. '

She makes black dolls and jewelry and has hosted how-to classes for young people, to offer an alternative from violence and drugs. Her website says, "Each doll is made with an inspirational message that encourages and boost (sic) self-esteem."

For more information, call Bloodworth at 615-924-1445. Look for Community Changers of Shelbyville on Facebook. Her websites and