T-G e-edition moves to new online home

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

For the past month, the Times-Gazette has been transitioning to a new format for its E-edition. The E-edition displays the pages of each day's newspaper exactly as they appear in print, including news stories, photos, ads, comics, syndicated features and more. Access to the E-edition can be purchased by itself or with a print subscription.

During February, visitors who clicked on the E-edition link at the http://t-g.com website saw a page that would allow them to use either the old E-edition or the new one. Starting Thursday, the old E-edition will no longer be available. Readers who have a bookmark or link taking them directly to the old E-edition will find that it's not updated or won't work at all.

To make sure that you're using the new E-edition, follow the link from the main http://t-g.com website, or bookmark http://t-g.com/eedition.


The new E-edition works much like the old one, but there are a couple of advantages. First, since the new E-edition is part of the T-G's own website, rather than being hosted by a third party, it uses the same username and password as the website. In the past, the username and password for the E-edition were separate, and might be different, from the username and password for the website, which sometimes led to confusion.

Secondly, since the E-edition is now hosted on our own servers, we have greater control over when and how it's displayed, rather than having to send the pages to a third-party provider and wait for them to be posted. That helps reduce the possibility of delays or errors.

We hope you enjoy the improvements to our E-edition. Please contact the Times-Gazette, 931-684-1200, if you have any problems.