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Shelbyville needs Calsonic to stick around

Thursday, March 8, 2018

To the editor:

I found your “Calsonic may move HQ” article very informative and surprising.

I remember when these plants first came to Shelbyville and Lewisburg. This gave us a much-needed economic boost to both areas.

Those factories also created opportunities for local workers to attain promotions and a better standard of living as headquarters positions became available. For 35 years many of these employees invested in local housing, made all kinds of purchases and helped improve the local tax base for our education and other governmental needs.

I am sure our city and county officials will make as good an offer as possible to keep the CKNA headquarters. There are no benefits to moving the headquarters away except to a few key managers who want to live near $600 a month country clubs and in expensive mansions in nice, gated communities. CKNA will also have to pay higher wages to staff at a new headquarters as the cost of living is higher in the metro areas.

We need these 211 jobs in Bedford County. We need these people employed here to continue to pay local taxes and help our county support its needs and keep property values from declining. We continue to lose qualified teachers, firefighters and law enforcement to other counties with a better tax base that can offer better compensation. We are only one hour from Nashville Airport and it will be a lot less expensive for CKNA to get construction work done here as opposed to busy metro areas.

Most of our local transportation and logistics companies do maintain headquarters and jobs here while serving customers thousands of miles away. We need CKNA to continue to help us do the same and provide opportunities here.

Please write the CKNA executives and explain how detrimental a headquarters move would be and how much we need them to stay.

H. Finny Edwards


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