Letter to the Editor

In support of teachers with guns

Friday, March 9, 2018

To the Editor:

I almost never write letters to the Editor, but your 3-7-18 article entitled: “Arming teachers isn’t best for schools: Police” has ‘pushed my buttons.’

Of the four police officers mentioned, three of them (Sheriff Swing, Shelbyville Police Chief Phillips, and Shelbyville Detective Chief Crews), according to the news story, basically have the same position on this issue as I have.

Teachers who are properly trained to carry handguns, and who want to carry handguns for their personal safety and for the safety of their students, and who are comfortable doing so, should be allowed to do so!

In a ‘gun free zone’ only the ‘bad guy’ in emergent circumstances will probably have a gun, and in my opinion this is not acceptable. When seconds may matter, it is not acceptable that the police may only—despite their heroic best efforts—be able to respond to the emergency in minutes.

The specified problems that are raised in the news story concerning school personnel who want to carry on school property, and no doubt other problems, can be addressed and dealt with through proper protocols between local law enforcement personnel and school board personnel, and the aforesaid necessary and proper firearm training.

And I think that the aforesaid policy should be adopted as soon as possible.

I urge our representatives in the Tennessee General Assembly to support whatever new legislation is necessary to accomplish the forgoing proposal.

John Bumpus


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