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Silenced by teachers

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

To the Editor:

Before I jump into this topic I first want to clarify I have the utmost respect for teachers. My mother has worked with the board of education in Bedford county for many years. They have a tough job and donít get near the credit they deserve.

That being said the Bedford County Education Association Facebook page silenced (blocked) me for having a different opinion about mayoral candidate Chuck Heflin. He declined the invitation to speak at their upcoming forum, and went into great detail why. He didnít just say ďIím not coming because there isnít enough timeĒ as they stated.

Although I agree 60 seconds isnít enough time to give an appropriate answer, I do wish he would have attended.

I find it highly inappropriate for a county page to be expressing opinions and stating false information, in fact the moderator even said ďhe probably doesnít know anything about education.Ē Those comments, even though inaccurate, should be reserved for personal pages not county linked pages. I was nice and tried to be respectful when I commented and corrected them, but they chose to delete my statements and continue on with their false narrative. Like I said this isnít a good representation of our county or our teachers. These pages should be reserved for facts and not opinions. I hope they took my comments and many others to heart. Even though we donít agree with a candidateís decision, at any level, we must push past that and try to work together. I believe Chuck Heflin has our county residentsí, studentsí, and teachersí best interest in mind. I expected and expect more from this group, hopefully they will see this and make changes.

Brooke Sanders,

Bell Buckle

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