Letter to the Editor

Stop harassing our teachers

Sunday, April 22, 2018

To the Editor,

This letter is in response to Brooke Sanders and Linda Clanton who wrote to complain about being blocked from Facebook and having comments deleted by the Bedford County Education Association.

I am a parent of a 5th and 9th grader and have always been very pleased with the teachers my children have had over the years.

I wanted to see what all this fuss was about so I did some research and did some digging on Facebook. You can learn a great deal by looking at a personís Facebook page.

While looking at Brookeís page I was able to see many comments and screen shots posted by Brooke, Linda, and many members of Chuck Heflinís family who are claiming the Bedford County Education Association Page is a ďCountyĒ page and opinions should not be stated, comments should not be blocked, and people should not be banned.

So I did some research.

They are not affiliated with the ďcountyĒ as you state and it even says they arenít on the description of their Facebook page. They are affiliated with the Tennessee Education Association that is under the National Education Association. This is a UNION people! Just as automakers have a union, the teachers have a union too! As a union they can express their opinions and beliefs if they so choose. They can endorse Big Bird for President if they wanted.

My point is they arenít any type of government, county run page or organization. What really upset me is the harassment I saw and the threat from Linda Clanton.

You do understand that these types of actions can get you in trouble right?

I mean Chuck Heflinís family has posted their harassment all over their pages by the screen shots of things they were posting on the BCEA page. I would believe that your comments got deleted and you got banned from their page for the harassment and for acting a fool. People get banned from Facebook pages all the time.

Teachers work hard, donít get paid enough for what they do, and donít deserve to put up with this garbage. I also want to say SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on Linda Clanton for her letter to editor because you did not give the entire truth. Your screen shots you posted are proof that the lies that are being spread. You sent them a private message and they answered your question. Why they have to go back and post their answer to you publicly. Yes, they asked you to delete your comment because they did not want any more problems on their page. Then you made the threat to them when they asked you to delete it that you would go to the paper. Looks like to me that they are being professionals and not engaging in the petty junior high school games that you, Brooke, and Chuck Heflinís family are playing. If you all truly support the schools and teachers as Brooke says, then I suggest you get off Facebook and go volunteer in the schools! I canít imagine this county would want someone like Chuck Heflin leading them as a Mayor if he canít control his family from harassing our teachers who educator and love our children.

Nicole Wood,

Bedford County