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Letís clean up the trash in Shelbyville

Sunday, May 6, 2018

To the editor:

I have lived in Shelbyville all my life. I was proud of my town. People would talk about how pretty it was. Well, I am not proud of it now and when someone asks me where I am from I say ďout of town.Ē

Trash and junk are everywhere. Dumpsters are running over, trash inside and outside. Trash is all over yards and roads. It wonít be long until it gets real hot. Do you know how thatís going to smell? If you donít want our town to be a dump and you are too lazy to pick up a piece of trash then you donít care and you must like the smell. Come on people, letís get Shelbyville cleaned up and beautiful like it used to be. There is a cleanup day for the river; how about an everyday town cleanup? Stop and pick up the trash.

Phyllis Hoover,


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