Clearing clutter for spring

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Where did spring go? This has been perhaps one of the strangest springs I can recall experiencing in my 15-plus years of living in Shelbyville.

It's hot now, but it's been cold and gloomy much of spring. Now that summer is upon us, we are all cramming to enjoy the comfortable weather before it gets scorching. Before too long, we'll be wishing for fall.

Most of us love summer as it equates with no school, no cold, barbecues, boat rides, perhaps vacations, horse shows, less work and just fun in general.

While the doom and gloom of winter always drags out, it seems like summer is over in the blink of an eye.

What are your favorite things to do during summer months? I'd love to hear from readers about how you're spending your summer and include some of those stories in the T-G.

I'm ready for summer, but I will say it definitely does not equate to being easier than the other seasons for me. In fact, as horse show season is upon us, my work load increases and that can sometimes get sticky with school ... out ... for ... summer! We work hard, but thankfully work is also play when you love what you do.

I've got a spring to do list that's so long I don't know where to start, but I need to figure it out fast because come Memorial Day the fast and furious show season will be here and there will be no time for extras.

Spring is the best time of year to be out with the old and in with the new. Clearing out the clutter in the closet, office space, daughter's room are all on my list. It's amazing how fast things get messy, as I'm pretty sure I went through a major purging phase less than two years ago.

The clutter has returned and it's worse than ever. My daughter's room is by far the worst. She is a collector of "things." All things. Anything. She loves stuffed animals and trinkets.

I've been tempted to clear out her room for her a couple times, thinking she might not notice, but she would, not to mention lose the lesson, I suppose. The challenge for us is that we are on the go so much it's literally hard to find time to force her to clean or purge. When we do have a bit of off time, we are actually so tired we need to do nothing in our quest to recover.

Last night, I took Dani Rae shopping for summer clothes, which she's been begging me to do all week. I told her she could pick out four pairs of shorts, along with tops to go with them, at her favorite store. She was thrilled and even helped me on a work assignment to earn this reward.

Upon walking into the store, Dani looked at a couple racks but in doing so her body gravitated toward the back of the store, where the toys were. Head turned back toward the clothes, body walking toward the toys.

She put on her sweet-talking smile and tried to convince me that she promised she'd clean out her room if later if I bought her a stuffed animal in advance, "just this one time, Mama."

I stood my ground and did not buy the stuffed animal. I told her she'd have to fill up three large bags and deliver them with me to Goodwill before I'd buy her one other toy or stuffed item. I meant every bit of that.

I'm really hoping to make some progress with the clutter and spring cleaning projects in the next few weeks. In doing so, I know my entire outlook on life and the busy summer months ahead will be much clearer.

Memorial Day and the Spring Fun Show will be here soon, with June and July bringing lots more shows (in addition to gymnastics camp and vacation to work in), and August ... well, that doesn't count. The blur of the Celebration fills up the entire month and I'm already excited about the donuts!

Before you know it, another season will be gone and we'll all be posting those first day of school pics on social media. Enjoy the moments while they come and have a wonderful summer!

* Sadie Fowler is editorial director for Dabora Inc., headquartered in Shelbyville, and may be reached at