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Union cow faces slaughter

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

To the Editor:

“Government unions in crosshairs and Democrats are terrified.”

That’s how one media outlet described the National Right to Work Legal Foundation’s all out assault on forced unionism. The Supreme Court has just agreed to hear the case.

Big Labor attorneys are admitting this case “may well be life or death for the unions,” according to Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky.

The unions know their iron grip on works – like police, firefighters, teachers and sanitation workers across the country is on the line. So is the $1 billion that Big Labor bankrolls union-labeled politicians like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Elizabeth Warren.

Consider what happened in Pennsylvania, where Governor Tom Wolf handed out negotiated contracts to Big Labor. Immediately afterward union bosses dumped $2.6 million into the governor’s campaign fund. This is what is happening to all workers who pay their dues whether or not they agree politically. (Another right being taken away.)

Taxpayers will pay a steep price as unions hold public services hostage and ruin our local and state budgets. We will suffer crushing taxes and regulations with poorer services. Tax and spend politicians who are elected and re-elected will hand over the keys to our treasury. (It is time to drain the swamp.)

All of this racket goes back to the FDR administration which granted Big Labor the raw power to compel workers to submit to so called “exclusive representation” whether they wanted it or not. Since then, American workers have paid the price of government spending, soaring taxes and ballooning debt. (At least we got a tax cut recently.)

Obama overturned the last Bush administration’s transparency rules for public unions, providing cover for their political spending, according to the Weekly Standard.

Public unions have grown fat on their freedom to take money from workers whose support they have not earned. In my opinion, the “cash cow” is about to be slaughtered for Unions and Democrats. The Supreme Court will be hearing this case soon.

Stella Adcock,


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