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The fight to save President Trump

Friday, June 1, 2018

To the Editor:

Many people have asked me lately, what is the "Deep State”?

Here is a definition from NewsMax Magazine. Deep State is a clandestine network entrenched inside government that controls state policy behind the scenes, while elected officials are merely figureheads.

To appreciate how threatening Trump's election was to "Deep State" understand that the globalists and financiers have had a new world order hold on the White House since Reagan left the White House.

Trump won the White House by defying political correctness and threatening to replace the rule of multinational corporations and borderless international organizations with a return to populist form of nationalist economics and politics that say "America First."

From that moment on, deep state activists vowed that Trump would never be permitted to rule effectively.

Some of the elite Republicans, are up to their "necks" in Deep State tactics. Outwardly they support President Trump, but privately they do not. Some of them are being found out. (DRAINING the SWAMP) I suspect when they are found out they will lose their seats in the US Senate and Congress.

The globalists had expected Hilary Clinton to win the election so they could continue open borders and a massive influx of Middle Eastern refugees, as the US rushed to the finish line of ending national sovereignty once and for all.

Unable to accept Donald Trump as future President, the National Security Agency in cooperation with John Brennan (ClA Director)began extensive electronic surveillance in an attempt to derail hiscandidacy.

As WikiLeaks prepared to publish the emails of top DNC officials including Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta the "Russian collusion”narrative began, seeking to delegitimize the Trump campaign.

After the election, the CIA conspired with Democrats, in Congress and mainstream media to have Robert Mueller appointed special counsel. Mueller is widely known in Washington as former FBI director, with close ties to Deep State operative, James Comey. Mueller has one mission – to develop information needed to accuse Trump of rigging the election with Russian assistance. (After almost 2 years Mueller still has no proof, so why are we spending $3M every 3-6 months on this fak edossier?) Enough is enough!

The plan called for Democrats in Congress to beat the mainstream media drum until Trump resigned or stepped aside for Mike Pence. The mainstream media continues this bashing until this day. In spite of all the good things this President has accomplished, (like tax cuts and jobs being brought from overseas/ etc.)

Should this plan fail to remove President Trump from office through impeachment or the 25th amendment (mental incompetence) The globalist Deep State has already decided to remove him one way or another. It is time citizens to get off that couch and vote to restore this country to its rightful owners – the American people.

Our military has fought, bled and died for our freedom, let us not give up on our country. Take a long hard look at California. Is that way of lifeyou want for your children? California has sanctuary cities where illegal (sometimes criminal) immigrants are allowed to stay and ICE is not allowed to detain or deport them.

You may not like President Trump personally but he is out there trying to restore American values. (For more information read the "Killing the Deep State – the Fight to Save President Trump," by Jerome R. Corsi, PhD.

Stella Adock


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