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The joy of sacrifice

Sunday, June 3, 2018

To the editor:

I am truly thankful and grateful to my God for the many missions (even some that I thought impossible but with faith to step out have been to bring honor to Him not me).

He has entrusted to me many things to accomplish. And with thanks to everyone that helped prayed, encouraged and supported me these past five years with the Field of Heroes Memorial Day event for Bedford County.

The success of the event has fulfilled a 50-year-old vision and dream I have had since I was in school seeing many of my friends and classmates returning from Vietnam as KIA'S.

I had envisioned seeing this very beautiful hillside at Willow Mount Cemetery covered with white crosses and flags in honor of Memorial Day for the true meaning of that very special day.

Too many years had gone by with Memorial Day just being a three-day weekend neglecting those that gave so much for us to just celebrate and forget the price of freedom. A dream I kept in my heart for many, many years until 2014. God inspired me to quit putting if off any longer, to step out in faith and do something about that dream. To honor and remember those that served, made the supreme sacrifices and they are deceased and no longer with us.

Also remember the pain, grief and sacrifices of each family affected because of wars the secured our freedom that we enjoy every day.

Many thanks to everyone that prayed, encouraged, inspired, provided material things as well as financial help, guest participants, great audience attendance, and even the weather.

The first year was a great success because I entrusted it all to God, but the second year was a test, a big challenge of my faith to see if I really had faith, for exactly the time for the event to start clouds rolled in and heaven opened up and it rained very hard for about 15 minutes. No one left. That made it extra special. After the rain had eased up everyone encouraged me to continue with the program most of the guests got wet along with me which made this year extra special with a lot of heartfelt meaning.

It didn't hurt us to get a little soaked compared to the sacrifices that each soldier had made for that freedom.

I know that if we pray believe in God to direct our paths He will supply our needs – not our wants – to bring honor and glory to Him.

Each year has been a struggle and challenge to put together but I always seek God to lead me in this to bring honor to Him as well to Memorial Day's true meaning and the sacrifices made.

If I have failed to thank anyone personally I'm sorry. So this THANK YOU is for all. Please continue to pray and support Field of Heroes’ true meaning of sacrifices for true freedom. This year 2018 was a great success again.

Gene Williams,


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