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The scandals are on the left

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

To the Editor:

A recent opinion published in the Times-Gazette, written by by Cokie and Steven Roberts claimed that the “GOP’s Silence is a scandal.” A scandal is described in the dictionary as malicious gossip, backbiting, an act that offends person’s feelings and leads to shame. There is nothing silent in that definition.

I have five points that definitely qualify as scandals:

• The unlawful surveillance and unmasking of the Trump campaign by the Obama administration, which was approved by a federal court based on the FBI’s improper use of the phony dossier as basis for getting a EISA warrant; the refusal of Sally Yates(acting-attorney General) to defend the President’s first travel ban; former FBI Director James Comey leaks to the media in order to prompt the appointment of a Special Counsel (Robert Mueller) to investigate alleged Russian “ collusion” with The Trump campaign which as yet (after spending $17M of taxpayer money) has not produced any evidence supporting those allegations; the unprecedented number of leaks to the media since President Trump took office. Some of those leaks compromised US national security and foreign relations.

• The US State department, the FBI, and the DOJ allowed Hiilary Clinton to cover up her crimes. Judicial Watch litigation has proven that the Obama Administration and Clinton conspired to set up and use her illicit email system to conceal her corrupt “pay to play” sale of Secretary’s office in exchange for foreign and domestic contributions to Clinton foundation, (under investigation now).

• Obama IRS targeted conservative groups seeking tax exempt status in an effort to cripple their effectiveness in advance of 2012 election. (We still do not know just how far reaching)—did it reach into Federal Election Committee, FBI and DOJ?

• Election fraud and the deep State: Obama’s Justice Department officials refused to enforce provisions of the National Voter Registration Act requiring reasonable steps to ensure clean voter registration lists. The department campaigned to threaten/ intimidate and sue states that attempted to implement election integrity/ like requiring voter identification.

• The Obama Administration’s unwillingness to enforce immigration laws (plus he created an illegal act for DREAMERS) that has caused serious problems at the border, plus the threat from unlawful “sanctuary city” policies that protect criminal illegal aliens and victimize law-abiding tax paying Americans. These are the real scandals.

The American people deserve better. We need more transparency from our government. These scandals damage us at home and abroad.

Stella Adcock,


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