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The end of our democracy?

Thursday, July 26, 2018

To the editor:

Last year hundreds of Tennesseans from all walks of life decided to take an active part in the important issues of the day. Young and old volunteered their time because they felt very strongly that these issues needed to be addressed. Things like expanding Medicaid, stopping the opioid epidemic and healing thousands of broken Tennessee families were some of the healthcare issues.

Teacher’s pay, testing instead of teaching and public school costs were some of the public education issues. They also were vocal about a state minimum wage law, common sense solutions to gun violence, and cleaning up our landscape and landfills by putting a 10-cent deposit on plastic bottles.

These volunteers worked hard all last year, writing, calling and visiting their representatives. Then many of them decided to make an even bigger sacrifice by running for office. In most cases these are local offices that pay virtually nothing.

Voting for a candidate is voting for an issue that’s important to you. Voting is the least you can do in a democracy, and if you don’t do the least you can do, then the least is all you will get in return.

David Clark,


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