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To see hate, look in the mirror

Thursday, August 9, 2018

To the Editor:

I would like to respond to Stella Adcock's letter complaining of how the T-G prints editorials that are not painting Donald Trump favorably. As with many right-wing Trump fanaticists, she obviously regards her hero as royalty who should never have to suffer a negative review.

Ms. Adcock is confusing a news reporter with an editorialist. The opinion page's columns are editorials, opinions from knowledgeable national columnists, not news reporters. And that includes opinions from both sides of the political spectrum, left-wing and right-wing. I doubt if she is complaining about the editorials by Phil Valentine, Michael Reagan and Steve Shannon.

Right-wing fanatics always rail against the "liberal media" when it prints facts and editorials they don't like. The hatred Ms. Adcock abhors is not coming from the press, it is spewing in a never-ending gush from the White House and our loud-mouthed "leader," and is trickling down into society through a litany of ridiculous tweets. The damage being done to our country and our standing in the world far outweighs any negative editorials that happen to offend her.

If Ms. Adcock wants to put an end to the hate, I suggest she start by looking in the mirror.

Bill Davis,


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