Fairview FCE explores bottle chapel

Thursday, August 16, 2018
Fairview members are shown with Hill. From left are Gay Ervin, Pat Hastings, Marilyn Lewis, Susie Armstrong, Hill, Ann Canady, Mary Frances Rogers, Patsy Parker and Betty Brown.
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On July 18, Fairview FCE Club met in the Flat Creek area at the home of John and Jean Hill. The Hills moved to Shelbyville from the north. They had visited Wilmington, North Carolina, several years ago and saw a bottle chapel there. Jean had a strong desire to build one in their yard. She came up with the ideas for the chapel, John was responsible for concrete in the construction, and others helped in the bottle collection. The chapel has a front, sides and back, but no top. There is a Biblical theme throughout. Jean explained the sections that were representative of the Old Testament and also the New Testament. She had written quotations from the Bible at the bottom of the front panels. The Hills' son is getting married soon, and the ceremony will be outside, with some of it actually taking place inside the bottle chapel.

Jean invited the members inside to see their cottage. There was a lush garden above the patio behind the house. Inside were many lovely paintings. Some were from a favorite Italian artist, but most were by Jean herself. She had also painted beautiful murals inside.

Jean Hill explains the scene depicted by the bottles.
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The members left Flat Creek and drove to Tullahoma to have lunch at Emil's. There were 10 members present. The one guest was Carolyn Rogers of Shelbyville.

There was a short business meeting. President Hastings reminded members that dues are to be paid and officers are to be elected at the August meeting. Mary Frances Rogers said there was fruit left over from the salad made for Share Fair. They had taken it to the family of Martha Hitt, who had been a longtime member of the FCE and had just passed away. Club members were reminded that Good Samaritan needs staples, such as peanut butter, cereal, canned meat, and crackers. It was decided to bring those items in October.

Club member demonstrations:

Jean Hill stands at the entrance to the Bottle Chapel.
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• Mary Frances Rogers had made a jar of strawberry/blueberry jam from extra fruit bought for the Share Fair demonstration.

• Linda Lovell shared a card which showed the income of CEOs from eight of the top charitable organizations in our country.

The next meeting of the club will be at 10:30 a.m. Aug. 15 at the Extension Office.

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