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Driver thanks locals for hospitality

Friday, September 21, 2018

Driver thanks locals for hospitality

To the Editor:

Last Thursday afternoon I got caught driving in the torrential downpour that hit Shelbyville at about 3 p.m. As I am not a frequent visitor to the town, I got lost trying to find U.S. 231 North to return home to Murfreesboro. Some very large puddles had formed on the side streets, and as I crept along slowly, not sure where I was, my car broke down -- right front ball joint snapped and the wheel almost fell off! -- in front of Bedford Manor Apartments on Barksdale Lane.

It turned out to be the best place to break down! A man in a truck stopped to help and gave me the address so that I could phone in to AAA for a tow. Amber, a member of the Bedford County Rescue Squad, came out of her apartment and made sure I was OK; she then helped direct traffic safely around my car, as it was partially blocking the street. School buses were dropping kids off, so this was a potentially unsafe situation.

Amber suggested I call Green's Towing & Recovery -- and AAA said the same thing. Within a very few minutes, they were on their way. Jared Clanton, tow truck driver, who is also one of your firefighters, figured out a way to get my disabled vehicle onto a tow without causing any more damage than the car had already sustained. All of this was taking place in the rain, although the storm did pass.

Long story short: Jared got me to my garage on Broad Street in the 'Boro and the car has since been repaired. I feel very blessed to have been where I was last Thursday and want to thank the good people of Shelbyville for the kindness shown to me.


Andrea K. Calfee


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