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Bredesen puts Tennessee first

Friday, October 5, 2018

To the editor:

The closer we get to election day, the uglier and more partisan people seem to become. I recently read a letter from Pat Marsh attacking Phil Bredesen for no other reason than Bredesen is a Democrat. ‘Schumer! Pelosi! Hillary! Oh my!’

But anyone who knows Phil Bredesen knows that he has a proven track record of independent leadership. When he was Governor of Tennessee, Phil Bredesen reached across the aisle to work with Republicans, including Pat Marsh. Bredesen saved TennCare and balanced 8 consecutive budgets. He has no trouble ignoring the interests of his own party when it’s a choice between Democrats and Tennessee. That’s because Phil Bredesen will always put Tennessee first.

That’s the kind of leadership Tennessee needs in the U.S. Senate. Phil Bredesen knows how to cut through the partisanship that is all too common in Washington these days. He knows how to get things done for Tennessee. So far, he has some great ideas of things to get done in the Senate. He wants to empower TVA to expand rural broadband throughout Tennessee, finally solving this important issue that politicians in Washington like Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn only seem to nibble around the edges at.

He has a plan to balance the federal budget in 6 years by capping spending at its current level and waiting for revenues to catch up. He has also said his first act in the Senate would be to introduce legislation to give the DEA back the power to go after suspicious opioid shipments. You know which Washington politician first took that power away from the DEA, exacerbating the opioid epidemic? Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn.

With all the hyper-partisanship, we need someone who is independent of their party in Washington. That’s why Phil Bredesen is applying for the job.

April Pryor


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