Banking: Debbie Drewek

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Q: I need to build some credit history. What do you suggest?

A: As a credit union member, we suggest that you apply for a Heritage South credit card. The available balance on your first credit card will be relatively low, but now would be a great time to get one and use during the holidays. You should plan to pay off the credit card balance each month via our online banking. Establishing could payment history over the next several months will help you develop a healthy credit history. If you've never had a credit card or have avoided them in the past, we encourage you to at least come in and talk with us about how smart credit card use can help you. Having a credit card is another option when traveling, too. We recommend that our members carry three forms of payment when traveling: cash, debit card or checks and credit card. Visit us soon and begin your effort to build healthy credit! Remember: We help when others won't! Join today!