Helpers sought to aid seniors

Friday, February 8, 2019

South Central Tennessee Development District is seeking volunteers for its Public Guardian program, to bring a little joy to lonely seniors living in area nursing homes.

SCTDD has a Public Guardian, a court-appointed person who regularly visits elderly citizens who are alone or who have been mistreated or financially abused. The guardian helps to assist with their finances or health care needs.

The type of people who are assigned guardians generally have no visitors or family who are willing to stop by. That's why SCTDD recruits volunteers to make additional visits in between the guardian's official monthly visit. These are just friendly visits, although if the volunteer noticed anything wrong he or she could certainly communicate that with SCTDD.

SCTDD, which covers a 13-county area, has had an increase in volunteers for the program recently, according to the agency's Glenda Porterfield. But there are still counties where more help is needed, and Bedford is one of them.

"It only takes one day a month to be considered an official volunteer. The volunteer typically finds it very rewarding and our clients really appreciate and enjoy the visits. All volunteers do have to pass a background check."

Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Porterfield at, 931-379-2941 or 866-836-6678.