T-G to adopt new publication schedule May 20

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Beginning the week of May 20, readers of the Times-Gazette will notice a change in the publication schedule. The newspaper will be published on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and will be delivered by the U.S. Postal Service instead of by carriers. The T-G will still be available through racks and retail locations as in the past.

Currently, the Wednesday edition of the Times-Gazette is delivered to both subscribers and non-subscribers. That will end with the new schedule. However, The Shopper, a sister publication to the Times-Gazette which is currently distributed in Marshall County, will now be delivered in both Marshall and Bedford counties.

The new schedule will be supplemented by the T-G's website, t-g.com. News updates will be posted each day, including breaking news and same-day coverage of public meetings and sporting events. We will soon begin offering text alerts to those who want to receive morning weather, severe weather alerts, breaking news, daily headlines, sports scores and other community-oriented information. Readers will be able to select which types of alert they'd like to receive.

We also have an active presence on Facebook.

"We are now living in a time when digital media has become the fastest and most timely avenue to keep our readers up to date with breaking news," said Shelia Rouse, regional publisher. "It's a delicate balance to provide our audience with printed keepsakes for scrapbooks, memories and editions to pass down for generations, but also give them the latest technology in digital media.

"Our ability to do live content on social media and update our website continuously throughout the day and night keeps our audience informed in a 24-hour news cycle. The print edition allows our readers to enjoy the physical product as well.

"We love receiving photos, story ideas and even self-written stories from our community. The Times-Gazette is an integral part of our community, and we want everyone involved and participating by sharing their own stories, photos of kids, animals, friends and loved ones."

As part of this process, a new feature, "Your News, Your Day," will be added to the website, allowing readers to submit stories as well as photos for publication.

As vacation season approaches, we'll introduce a new promotion in which readers will be encouraged to take a copy of the T-G print edition with them, and take a selfie in their vacation spot holding the hometown newspaper. We'll publish the photos in our print edition, and reward those who submit them with a one-month subscription.

"We appreciate our readers and advertisers for their contined support as we transition to meet the needs of everyone in the community," said Rouse.