Letter to the Editor

Just the facts

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

To the Editor:

In response to Charles Reed [letter in May 3 issue]:

This is a typical view that liberals hold. I presented the facts that is backed up by several news reports, but anger clouds one’s judgement, Mr. Reed. My question to you is, why are you so angry? There were many more accomplishments done to help America move forward. I only listed a few.

I never said President Trump was a saint. I stand by everything I said in that article. You apparently watch nothing but mainstream media. Mainstream media has done more harm to this country than at any other time in our history.

If you had to pay taxes this year, you didn’t have enough taken out of your paycheck and you made more money. The first $24,000 of income was tax free. Most people who are whining about their taxes forget about that gift of $24,000 to the American people.

Mueller had 13 lawyers working with him on this case (a case, I might add, that has been based on outright lies from C. Steele and the DNC) and he could not make a determination. Sad state of affairs when this has cost $30 million in taxpayer money and the investigation team can not make a determination! So the Attorney General made the determination that there was no collusion or obstruction. Now Mueller is trying to cover his back side now that his reputation is on the skid. Did you not hear that Mr. Barr talked to Mueller by phone to make sure there was no misunderstandings before he delivered the report to the American people. No, you did not hear that if you watch only mainstream media, because they are biased. They tell you what to think, not just report the news and let us draw our own conclusions.

Many gang members have been arrested and deported. You would know that if you read Judicial Watch. Mainstream media is not going to report it.

ISIS caliphate has been destroyed. Sure, there are still pockets of ISIS which are being picked off one at a time. The video you mentioned has not been verified to my knowledge. It may be years old.

Just ask any small business persons if they have been helped by the President. The answer is yes. This administration has made it easier for new start-up businesses to be funded.

The Affordable Care Act was forced down the throats of the American people. Remember “if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor”? Big lie. ACA should be called the unaffordable care act. I know people who have gone to the doctor and have been told, you have to pay your deductible of $1,200 before we can see you. President Trump has not caused cost to rise. Now, people can buy health care across state lines at much lower premiums. Individuals can form groups and buy insurance to fit their needs. He is working to bring down pharmaceutical drug prices, also.

Judge Kavanaugh was treated miserably by Democrats. Apparently now you are assumed guilty until you prove your innocent. His accuser had no evidence. Not even from friends was there evidence. The rule of law is your innocent until proven guilty. We are a nation governed by law.

Betsy DeVos is doing a good job. She provides vouchers for children who need more help than they are getting in public school. I have participated in a tutoring reading program in past years for elementary students. Some students need a one-on-one. That is not possible in public schools. Parents need options for their children’s education.

I think you read “mad” as a typo by the paper. What I said was the president has made this country energy independent, which is a good thing.

Your statement about tariffs is in error. Because of the tariffs, our country will be on a level playing field with other countries. There are trade agreements to be signed with Canada, Mexico and China this month that will be beneficial to us.

If you had been treated badly by the FBI and DOJ like President Trump, you might not trust them either. The high-level personnel in the FBI and DOJ were in a coup’ to over throw a dually elected president (a proven fact). More of that is still coming to light. Many indictments are expected.

The coal jobs must be coming back. I see train after train pass with 150 or more cars loaded with coal every day. I can see them from my front porch.

Funny, I don’t remember anybody complaining about how much money Pres. Obama or Pres. Bush spent on their jaunts or how many times he played golf. But President Trump is always under scrutiny. Why is that?

There were 190,000 jobs created in April according to One America News. Manufacturing jobs are coming back. There are two new plans being built in Wisconsin and Michigan to make cars ... more jobs.

The military is being rebuilt. There is a revival of the National Space Council to develop space war strategies, including a comprehensive shielt to protect America and our allies against ICBM nuclear missile strikes. The military has been compensated 3 percent in pay hike. Morale is high, according to my daughter who works in Veterans Affairs. She also says Veterans are able to see doctors more readily or they can see a private doctor and it is paid by Veterans Affairs. Our military is being rebuilt and then some.

Mr. Reed, ask yourself this question. Am I better off now than eight years ago? Whether you will admit it or not, our economy is better and we have more money in our pocket. Wages have increased. Unemployment is the lowest in 40 years. Let us “walk on the sunny side” and stop being so negative.

Stella Adcock