Letter to the Editor

Making America great again?

Thursday, May 23, 2019

To the editor:

“Make America great again.” I’ve been hearing that phrase a lot in the last three years, but I’ve always wondered what exactly it means. Let’s think about that for a moment.

When you voted for Trump, did you vote for slashing Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security by over two trillion dollars, as his latest budget wants to do?

When you voted for Trump, did you vote to cut pollution controls and water safety measures, as his EPA chief has done, poisoning the air and water for millions throughout our country? Did you vote to allow oil drilling and fracking in our public lands and national parks, as Trump’s interior secretary (who happens to be a former coal and oil lobbyist) wants to do?

When you voted for Trump, did you vote for a president who would coddle dictators, sever alliances with our friends around the world, start trade wars that would wreck the world economy, and destroy treaties that keep nuclear-armed adversaries in check?

Did you really want a president whose passionate goal is to kick millions off of health insurance? Or to separate families and put innocent children in cages, probably never to be reunited with their parents, for the “crime” of trying to flee violence in their homeland?

Did you really think you were following moral ideals when you voted for a vulgar-mouthed, twice-divorced adulterer? Was the siren song of a loud-mouthed, egotistical media star, who promotes violence in his rallies and condemns the free press, so alluring that you have forgotten the principles our country was built on?

If this is what you voted for, if this is what you consider “Making America Great Again,” then congratulations. Your fate (and the nation’s) is sealed.

William Davis


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