Letter to the Editor

Democrats seek power, not justice

Thursday, May 30, 2019

(In response to two letters published on May 23)

To the Editor:

Making America great again means recovering from Obama Administration. We no longer travel around the world apologizing for America. What we are finding out through Judicial Watch, The Heritage Foundation and Faith and Coalition is just how far liberals will go to obtain power. Democrats in the Obama administration weaponized the FBI, DOJ, NSA and the CIA against the Trump Administration. ust take a look at the list of people caught up in this criminal behavior: Lisa Page, James Comey, Peter Strzok, Bruce and Nellie Orh, just to name a few. Just look at what Democrats have accomplished for American poeple in 2 1/2 years. Zero. Still on fishing expedition, even after the Mueller report came out saying no collusion, no obstruction. The Attorney General agrees with that. Adam Schiff says he has evidence on the President. Where is it, Adam? If you're withholding evidence, you're guilty of obstruction of justice.

"Affordable Care Act" is not viable and "Medicare for all" will bankrupt us. Social Security would have been fine, except big government could not keep their hand out of the till.

Somebody needed to rein in the EPA. EPA stopped work on a dam being built in Loudon County in Tennessee by TVA because they found some extinct snail darts at the site! Where is their common sense? Snail darts were more important than the lives of those people living there!

I am not aware of anyone coddling dictators. President Trump has been hard on Russia, N. Korea, Iran and China. He has, and rightly so, insisted NATO share more of the burden of defense.

Immigration reform should be a top priority, but as long as Democrats want open borders it will be a stalemate. We need to finish the wall to deter smugglers, drug cartels, and human traffic. These "families" that are coming across the border, the border patrol states 30% of the children are not family members. In other words, this is human traffic. People coming into this country illegally have cost American taxpayers four times what President Trump ask for to put up a barrier. Where is the common sense in that?

I have not forgotten the principles this country was built on. The liberals do not care what this country was built on. They are only interested in power. They protect illegals over American citizens. Illegals commit crimes, states refuse to turn them over to ICE. They are protected in sanctuary cities, they receive health care, food stamps, and housing on taxpayer dime. This country was built on "if you don't work, you don't eat." Alexandra Cortez wants people to be given a salary even if they refuse to work!

I think you are accusing the wrong party of violence. Maxine Waters (D) called for Republicans to be attcked in the streets, in restaurants and at gas stations.

If we can let people out of jail to have a second chance in life, I think we can give President Trump a second chance as well. I try not to judge people. In John 8:4-5, the Pharisees brought a woman accused of adultery to Jesus and ask if she should be stoned under the law of Moses. His reply after writing on the ground was "He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her." When Jesus looked up, he was alone with the woman. Apparently, the Pharisees were all sinners. Let that be a lesson for all of us.

Stella Adcock


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