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Remembering the fallen

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Remembering the fallen

To the Editor:

I am grateful for everyone that supported or sponsored the Filed of Heroes these first five years and made it a great success, a vision and a dream fulfilled.

The six months from January 1 until the day before the event were a very real struggle and a challenge being attacked from all sides. Everything that could go wrong did, and even things that shouldn't did. Around the middle of March or first of April I'm normally finished with everything, but this year I was ready to just throw in the towel, give it up and walk away.

I told myself I can't let the devil win this battle that I felt lead for many years to honor those men and women and their families that endured, sacrificed and gave all for my freedom. All through my childhood years God burdened my heart that I could not understand why nothing was ever done for that special day even when it was honored on May 30, the original day, before Congress decided to make it nothing more than a three day weekend to celebrate summer. Enjoy cooking out; there's nothing wrong with enjoying your freedom, but don't forget its true meaning of sacrifices given lives and families suffering so you can be free.

I continued to question why for many years. In 2014, taking a step of faith with much prayer, I put it on the line and said, "God I'm gonna try what my dreams and visions have been for many years to see a special hill in the middle of Willow Mount Cemetery covered with white crosses, flags and names of deceased in faith to honor this very special day."

Much less interest this year from supporters, sponsors and audience made my struggles even greater. It hurts me deeply that knowing I should have done much better with guilt of failure to the community of the fallen service man and families. A challenge to give up, or press on with the best that I can do and let God honor that.

I didn't give in to the world or my feelings of failure, so I just prayed for God's direction and put it into action the best that I could. I prayed that God would use very little to accomplish much for remembering and honoring lives that are deceased and families that are still suffering with that loss for our freedom we enjoy today. Affected families deal with remembrance and loss of loved ones everyday the rest of there life not just memorial day. The least anyone can do is never forget the ultimate prices for the freedom they have each day.

For five years, 2014 -- 2018, God helped me to fulfill a vision and dream I'd had since the 1960s to see the hill at Willow Mount covered with white crosses in honor of sacrifices made for my freedom. It was a very simple event, rows of white crosses with names of deceased soldiers and an American flag, with much meaning for the tremendous price of freedom. Pray that God will continue to give me the burden to serve.

Thanks to all the guest speakers and participants that gave there very best to make the event successful. My only intention is to never forget remembering, bringing honor for the sacrifices made great and small. The great sacrifices made for freedom are real deep compared to the very little that I can give. "Lest we never forget."

Gene Williams

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