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Tax cuts should be permanent

Thursday, June 13, 2019

To the Editor:

I recently received news from The Heritage Foundation that would be of interest to people living in Tennessee.

President Trump and conservatives in Congress kept their promise to cut taxes for the American people. Now we have angry liberals claiming that taxpayers “do not want to keep their money.” Obviously they did not talk to this taxpayer! Heritage will use results of their ballot being sent out to make sure the public and lawmakers understand that the American people support lower taxes. Elected officials need to hear from us, if you are sick of politicians who think our money is theirs.

Media elites and liberal politicians are doing everything they can to turn Americans against lower taxes. They are using shoddy research and misinformation to undermine all efforts to let people keep their money. Why are the liberals doing this? They do not want the tax cuts to become permanent. In order for this radical proposal of the “Green New Deal” and “Medicare For All” being pushed by self-proclaimed socialists in Congress and the left’s 2020 presidential candidates would cost upwards of $40 trillion to fund these plans. Liberals are demanding a top tax rate of over 70 percent and even that will not be enough. So, it would be more difficult if the tax cuts were permanent.

The D.C. political insiders know that lower taxes means less government — so they’re sticking with their false claims that tax relief is “a grave disservice to our country” and that tax cuts are “fiscally reckless” and even “unpatriotic” ... despite the fact that tax cuts are helping create jobs and grow the economy.

Analysis by Heritage Foundation experts shows that in Tennessee, the average household saw a tax cut of $978 last year, and will see a $16,993 increase in take-home pay over 10 years. But plans proposed by liberals would increase taxes on American people by 12.6 percent over 10 years per household. Do you agree that tax cut should not be revoked?

Facts can be checked at Daily Signal news site.

Stella Adcock


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